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M Oglesby
M Oglesby, HVAC Technician
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My White Rodger thermostat is not holding the set program, help!

Customer Question

I want to reset my White Rodgers thermostat and start from scratch. (Model 1F90W-51) I read the manual and cut the power to the unit and then took out the batteries for 5-10 minutes (manual said 1 minute) but then when I flilpped the fuse it still has my old defunt programing. For some reason it's not holding the time and no matter how many times I set the program to 70 degrees 24/7 it somehow is going to 64 degrees in the eve / night. There is also a hold that keep popping up and overriding my program. I live with my grandma and it get's so cold in here.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: HVAC
Expert:  M Oglesby replied 5 years ago.

The reason the thermostat is going to 64 in the evening is because it is programmed to do so.

You will have to go in and change the set temperature for all of the times.

JACUSTOMER-upl6lh04- :
I do that but my program I am setting is not sticking even though I'm clicking "run program" after setting it as I wish it to be.

M Oglesby :
You hit the program or set button; A time should come up along with a temp. use the arrow to set the temp to 70; Then hit the program button again. another time will come up along with a temp. set the temp to 70; Repeat this process until you have all of the times and temps changed to 70

Are you changing all of the times?

JACUSTOMER-upl6lh04- :
Yes. I am updating everything that is not as I want it.

Some I'm not changing because it is correct

M Oglesby :
If it is not holding the program that you set, then this thermostat is damaged.

You will have to replace it.

JACUSTOMER-upl6lh04- :
I want to reset it and program from scratch. cut the power with the fuse box and removed the batteries for 5+ minutes which should reset it and yet it still goes back to the wrong program.

M Oglesby :
That is normal. It will always reset to the default program.

JACUSTOMER-upl6lh04- :
Is there a manual way to reset it

M Oglesby :
But it should allow you to change it. There is no manual way to reset it.

JACUSTOMER-upl6lh04- :
It is not the default program but my screwed up one that has hold in there that shouldn't be there.

M Oglesby :
This thermostat is damaged.

When you remove the batteries, do the screen go blank?

JACUSTOMER-upl6lh04- :
The hold button should stop when the run program button is pressed but somehow it is set within the program and reverts to a low temperature that we don't want?

Yes the screen goes blank

M Oglesby :
This thermostat is internally damaged on the circuit board. It cannot be repaired.

JACUSTOMER-upl6lh04- :
Right now I took the batteries out and then cut the power to the unit by flipping the fuse trying to get it to go the default settings so that I could reprogram but it doesn't work.

M Oglesby :
Is this a heat pump system or straight a/c with gas heat?

JACUSTOMER-upl6lh04- :
not sure...Heater is gas I believe and we do have an AC unit on the front porch.

M Oglesby :
Straight a/c with gas heat.

JACUSTOMER-upl6lh04- :
I guess so...

M Oglesby :
I advise you to go to home depot and get a replacement Honeywell thermostat non programmable for $25

They are very easy to install.

JACUSTOMER-upl6lh04- :
But why would you want a non-programmable?

M Oglesby :
Because it is best to leave your thermostat on one temp. This is the most efficient way to use a thermostat.

JACUSTOMER-upl6lh04- :
Does that work with the base that's on the wall or does that have to come out. I'm obviously not an electrition...

M Oglesby :
You will have to change the base, but it is not difficult at all.

JACUSTOMER-upl6lh04- :
We do use it at one temp but it has a filtration system attached runs off of the program.

M Oglesby :
In this case, I advise you to have a tech come out and replace this thermostat.

The thermostat is definitely gone bad.