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Mark Henley
Mark Henley, Journeyman Technician
Category: HVAC
Satisfied Customers: 3217
Experience:  UA Journeyman Pipefitter , HVAC, Refrigeration, DDC controls. 26 years.Commercial & residential
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4 Flashes, then Pause Open limit switch. How do I fix this?

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4 flashes, then pause Open limit do i fix this problem and what does it mean? thanks... frustrated homeowner.

Optional Information:
Make : amana
Model : air command 80

Already Tried:
powering down unit. reseting aouto shutdown. thermostat. pull clean and replace some wiring. filter. manual ignite.

The code means that there is a limit switch open, I will post a pic of one and describe where they are located so you can reset it, need a minute or two,

JACUSTOMER-pq8eizy8- :
thank you so much my wife and three year old will appreciate the heat if it works.

Mark Henley :
ok, these are typically located and mounted near the burner rack inside the furnace by the burner area,

JACUSTOMER-pq8eizy8- :
where is this located? in the bottom of the unit?
sorry okay that's the top portion
let me check and see

Mark Henley :
you can find up to three of them in there mounted in various places around the burners, press the reset button in the middle you should feel it click if it was tripped, let me know. I will also try to post a photo of typical locations of them

I have them marked as roll out switches

If it is not them then you are looking for this item which will be mounted on the exchanger wall where in the pic I have it marked as high limit, there is no reset on this one but we can jump it out and and see if that is the problem. You would only see the wire connections end on this one

JACUSTOMER-pq8eizy8- :
I believe i may have found one of them.....let me show you what i'm dealing with here

the second picture in the bottom left corner is the button i believe you were referring to. i tried pressing it and it doesn't seem to do anything

Mark Henley :
Would it be possible to take one from a little further back to get more of the unit in the pic ? If I had a pic of the entire area that you have the cover off of, that would help me out.

JACUSTOMER-pq8eizy8- :
yes one second

that one is small try this one

Mark Henley :
Hate to do this to ya, but if you could get one a little closer and just of the top half because the pic is low resolution.

JACUSTOMER-pq8eizy8- :

Dangit let me try again

Mark Henley :
top half only, these are small pics

JACUSTOMER-pq8eizy8- :

if you zoom 400% there decent i'm not sure why they are going out so small

Mark Henley :

This is where they would typically be, I can't see them in the photo but this is where they should be in the red circles.

can you give me the model number I may have the manual on it.

JACUSTOMER-pq8eizy8- :
starting from the left circle there is a mounting bracket for the gas line then the center circle there is a two prong wire harness on the right is another mounting bracket and at the top all that is is the mounting plate for the blower motor....let me find the model guess on location??

CCA36FCC model number

P1203904C MFG number

9709141281 serial number

Mark Henley :
not on a removable door, inside the burner area somewhere, your furnace blows air up into the house correct ? not down ?

JACUSTOMER-pq8eizy8- :
yes up
those numbers are on the top of the unit itself
that's on the left inside burner area

Mark Henley :

these are on the blower you may have some there,
lower half

JACUSTOMER-pq8eizy8- :
i found one down there pressed the click............let me ask you this. the gas doesn't ever seem to start flowing it doesn't even try?

seems like the gas valve is never opening

Mark Henley :
it won't if its locked out on high limit, did you put the door back on after pushing the button ?

Have you seen this one yet ?

JACUSTOMER-pq8eizy8- :
yeah that's the one i found the first time....will it not work if i just push the safety switch in? or does the door need to be all the way back on?

Mark Henley :
got to have the door all the way on, the lower door.

you should have this its a different type

JACUSTOMER-pq8eizy8- :
i think i might have that. right behind the gas valve there is a plate with two fork connectors on it. and two wires going to it. but no buttons on it

the images your sending all have 5-6 burners mine only has three if that makes a difference.

Mark Henley :
yes, those are the two I was referring to jumping earlier, that is most likely where the problem is now. If you kill power to the furnace and then pull the wires off of that control and get them together somehow it slow voltage, then see if the furnace will start when the power goes back on,

its low voltage so if you get them taped together but off of that control then see if it will start

JACUSTOMER-pq8eizy8- :
okay let me try.....
ok so i took the wires off and twisted them together. still the same problem the blower in the top comes on for about 5 seconds then it quits. the igniter never ignites

Mark Henley :
Do you ever hear gas come out of it ?
The code is saying that it is a lmit switch and not a pressure switch , just checking ?

JACUSTOMER-pq8eizy8- :
no sir
even with that bypasssed i still get that indicator light at the bottom on the control unit
should i try to bypass the one on the bottom as well?

Mark Henley :
eh, there is nothing else in the limit switch circuit to check, there was only one limit in the blower section ?
yes you can,

JACUSTOMER-pq8eizy8- :
yes just one
okay so did the one on the bottom and IT WORKS!!!!!

Mark Henley :
wow, its a bad switch,
you have to put the other back together, and replace this one, the danger here is that if your flames roll out of the furnace its going to cause more damage inside the furnace than it would if the switch were in place and working, so I would fire it up and watch it for a little bit if you don't see a problem as in all the flames are bluish and firing into their respective holes you can leave it on if not you will need not turn it off and wait for the replacement.
when you say bottom did you mean by the blower ? does the blower work ? or the burner ?

JACUSTOMER-pq8eizy8- :
everything seems to be running smoothly and by the bottom i meant the blower yes
down by the control unit
i'm going to get some new connectors and a replacement switch. that should do the trick. thank you so much for all your help!!!

Mark Henley :
ok, skip what I said about the rollout, that's not the problem . Most furnaces don't have that limit by the blower, so I would get it replaced but its not the end of the world if it doesn't happen for a week, know what I mean ?

JACUSTOMER-pq8eizy8- :
yes sir i will probably have to order one. so that's good to here... thank you again

Mark Henley :
Hey you did pretty good too, I was ready to give up, lol

JACUSTOMER-pq8eizy8- :
lol me to!!!

Mark Henley :
thanks. have a good night,

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