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RoJo1022, HVAC Technician
Category: HVAC
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Experience:  20yrs in Residential and Commercial HVAC technician field.
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My gas furnace is not working properly. It keeps turning off.

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My gas furnace keeps shutting off.. After the pilot ignites and the burners turn on, it immediately shuts off.

I will try to help you with your furnace problems.
Your furnace has a safety flame rod that is responsible to make sure proper operation.

JACUSTOMER-gqnfira2- :
Is that definite? I'm kinda new at this

RoJo1022 :
If your furnace is shutting down 3-10sec after light off your flame rod is bad or just dirty.

JACUSTOMER-gqnfira2- :
How do I check to see which issue it may be?

RoJo1022 :
Do you want to try and remove and clean it yourself I can help walk you through this?

JACUSTOMER-gqnfira2- :
Ok I am in front of the furnace now

RoJo1022 :
The rod is located between the burner and gas manifold. It is a single rod with ceramic at the base that is held in place by a metal bracket and a screw. Find this and turn power off to furnace and remove the rod and clean with brillo pad or very fine sandpaper.

The Rod has one wire to it white or maybe orange on some units.

JACUSTOMER-gqnfira2- :
I am removing the furnace cover now
By the way.. Where should I find the shut off for the furnace? Besides the thermostat?

RoJo1022 :
Most have a switch with in eye site of the furnace but if you have it off at the t-stat that is fine. There is no power at the Flame Rod.

JACUSTOMER-gqnfira2- :
Ok, I found the flame rod and it appeared almost clean. I removed the screw and sanded it off. It's fairly new looking should I re-install it?

RoJo1022 :
Yes they are very touchy but a good clean and yes reinstall and test fro proper operation. The flame rod could be bad but 9 out of 10 times cleaning it works.

JACUSTOMER-gqnfira2- :
The screw appears to be very long that holds the flame rod.. Almost blocking the flame rod. Is that ok?

RoJo1022 :
Yes if this is the same screw that you removed should be fine
You can also make sure all wires to flame rod are tight and making good contact by moving them some

JACUSTOMER-gqnfira2- :
Re-installed the flame rod and screw. I am trying the furnace...

RoJo1022 :
Very good.

JACUSTOMER-gqnfira2- :
hmmm.. nothing is happening now. Not even the pilot

RoJo1022 :
Is the t-stat calling for heat?
Make sure the lower door to the furnace is in place

JACUSTOMER-gqnfira2- :
I just had to increase the t-stat to 75 from 70 and it kicked on..

RoJo1022 :
Very nice is it working better?

JACUSTOMER-gqnfira2- :
Yes, it appears to be functioning properly. You rock!

RoJo1022 :
Awesome! Enjoy the heat!

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