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LG dehumidifier with problem code CH01.

Customer Question

LG dehumidifier has problem code CH 01. Need help with LG dehumidifier troubleshooting.

Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: HVAC
Expert:  Phil replied 5 years ago.


ll work to be done by licensed professional. WE KEEP GOING UNTIL YOU HAVE THE INFORMATION YOU NEED, I come and go. This is step ONE.

Hello, does it hummmm heavily, for the 3 seconds than go off with a sort of muffled clunk. If so, its a compressor problem or does it start and run smoothly for 3 se conds than go off. That would be low refrigerant problem.

Let me know, we can go from there

JACUSTOMER-bsrindca- :Runs smoothly and shuts off.
Phil : If it seems to run unusually smoothly before it shuts off.. about half the usual noise volume, then its low on refrigerant... repair cost in the $400 range.

You can check that if you wish. Remove the service panels until you can gain access to the compressor, and feel the smallet tube coming off of the compressor, it should get hot or start to warm withing 3 seconds. The larger copper tube should start to cool in those 3 seconds.

JACUSTOMER-bsrindca- :Do you know anything about the code CH 01?
Phil : To check further you need a 'clamp on amp meter' $60 at a big box home repair electrical department. Let me know, we can go from there.
JACUSTOMER-bsrindca- : Do you know anything about the CH 01 code?
Phil : CH 01 error code means the bucket is full of water. As long as that code is showing the unit should not run at all. Cause of the error code when the bucket is not full is generally the water sensor in the tube that feeds the bucket from the top or slime from the drain pan is covering the sensor but again... the unit should not run that sensor saying the bucket is full.


That is why I don't go by the error this case if the compressor runs for 3 seconds it is for some other reason than the bucket being full of water...which it isnt.

These error codes are a lot like the error codes you see on your computer screen, many entirely bogus, don't mean a thing... other times they can be helpful.

You may want to remove all of the units access panels, and clean out the water drain pan and drain tube that fits under the cooling coil.

These were not intended to be easily serviced it is a bit of a chore.

Still... a drain pan problem will not cause the compressor to short cycle.

A more efficient approach would be to check the compressor amperage in that 3 second run time range. We can go from there until this resolves

Again CH 01 is the code for a full water bucket.