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I have an AO Smith water heater...Model GPVH 50 100 Serial#1101A000432.

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I have an AO Smith water heater...Model GPVH 50 100 Serial#1101A000432. It show the code for the FV sensor. Checked for any leaks or smells and found none. Got a new FV Sensor and installed it....same problem. It seems as if the unit has this fault stored in the memory and needs to be "woke up" or cleared out so it will recheck the system. When I unplug the PV unit (for several hours) and plug in and turn the unit on, it doesn't seem to go through any checks, just automatically shows the FV code. Is there a way to clear this out so it can go through the start up checks again?

Rickheatdoc :

Welcome to Just Answer, I will do my best to help you solve your problem

Rickheatdoc :

Your heater needs to be reset, here is the procedure

1 Manual reset is accomplished by first, turning off power to the water heater for 10
2 Restore the power to the water heater.
3 Within 10 seconds of restoring power, press the two temperature adjust buttons
simultaneously until the left (green) “Vacation” LED begins to blink (approx. 5 second
delay). Once the Vacation LED begins to blink, release both buttons.
4 Again, within 10 seconds, press both temperature adjust buttons simultaneously until the
Vacation LED is on steady (approx. 5 second delay).
5 Release the two buttons, the microcomputer will clear the FVS lock-out and normal
operation will then be restored.

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