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Matthew, HVAC Technician
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My Honeywell TrueSteam humidifier service light is on, why?

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My Honeywell TrueSteam HM509A humdifier "call for service" light is on.

I've cleaned the tank. I've verfied water is flowing into the unit. I can feel the unit heat up, and when I press the "empty tank" button the tank empties.

So if I can get water in and out, and the heating element is heating the water to make steam, what is left that is making the "call for service light" to come on?

Thanks for any guidance you can provide.

Matthew :

Hello, I will do my best to help you today.

The service light blinks a code telling you what fault it has sensed. How many blinks are you getting in sequence?

If you press and release the "reset" button the service light should then blink a number of times and then repeat telling you what the fault is.

There are up to 15 faults so 15 consecutive blinks before a pause and repeat is possible

JACUSTOMER-yhd04xen- :

Sorry, I had to reset the unit. It humidifies for about 10 minutes and then the light comes on. Steady light, no blink

Oops. I didn't read your second post. I'll go press the reset button and count blinks.

6 blinks

Matthew :

Water overflow it's not draining or the sensor is bad and needs to be replaced.

Ensure drain hose is not kinked or submerged in water at the drain. Check functionality of condensate pump if used.• Check for water coming out of drain/overflow line. If continuous water flow is present, follow the cleaning steps on pages 23–26.• Press EMPTY button to drain tank.• Set humidistat RH setpoint to Test mode.• If fault returns, unplug TrueSTEAM.• Loosen cover screw and remove cover.• Disconnect water level sensor wiring and lift snap-hinge clamp to remove water sensor assembly. See image on page 17.• Clean probes using warm soapy water so that the metal is exposed.• Reassemble the sensor assembly in the unit, reattach and secure cover.• Plug unit in, and press RESET button.• If fault reappears, replace water sensor assembly and/or solenoid valve. page 20

JACUSTOMER-yhd04xen- :

OK. Thank you. I will follow the instructions and see if I have a bad sensor.

Matthew :

Here is a list of the replacement parts as well

JACUSTOMER-yhd04xen- :

You were helpful. Thanks for the parts list as well.

Matthew :

Good luck with it.

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