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Installing a Hunter thermostat with a Goodman heat pump

Customer Question

I have a Goodman CPKE24-1AB, I'm attempting to install a Hunter 44132 Thermostat.
This was the wiring indicated when I removed the Addison 3AAT80A5B11 Thermostat that was present before:
R - Red
X - Red
Y1 - Yellow
G - Green
E - Jumpered to W2, wire leading to Emergency Heat switch.
W1 - White
W2 - White
C - Blue

The Hunter Thermostat is labeled for both Heat Pump and Conventional. The thermostat is currently wired as follows:
R wire - Rh jumpered to Rc
Y1 - Y
G - G
W1 - W (labeled on Conventional, blank on Heat Pump)
X - L
W2 - A/E (labeled as W2 on Conventional Side)
C - C

When set to cooling, the inside fan runs, but the outdoor unit does not. I'm sure I've wired this wrong - the paperwork said nothing about Goodman units.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: HVAC
Expert:  gotoman for ac replied 5 years ago.

gotoman for ac :

Pulling manual be right back. Russ

JACUSTOMER-ejb5qv1x- :

Gotcha, thanks

gotoman for ac :

If this is a heat pump do you have a wire to O terminal. Russ

JACUSTOMER-ejb5qv1x- :

The old thermostat didn't have anything labeled as O

JACUSTOMER-ejb5qv1x- :


Expert:  gotoman for ac replied 5 years ago.
Go to inside air handler and see what they are using for O terminal. There will be an orange wire at outside also see what color wire they have connected. Russ
Expert:  gotoman for ac replied 5 years ago.
Did you get last reply. Russ
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I have, and I checked the inside air handler. I have absolutely no idea how to access any of its wiring, so this may be something a bit too complicated for me. Thanks anyway.
Expert:  gotoman for ac replied 5 years ago.
It can get a little complicated if the color code is not followed. Russ
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
The wires are also quite old, so that ain't helping either. A dingy white or faded orange wire may look like similar shades of yellow, and a faded yellow wire might look white.

What would the O wire have done on the old thermostat? It was made before circuit boards, so the functions are somewhat easy to trace.
Expert:  gotoman for ac replied 5 years ago.
The O terminal is for the revering valve to switch from heat to cool. The valve has to be energized to cool. I am also concerned about the unit not responding when you turn it on. If fan runs when you turn to cool you should have a signal to outside unit on Y. Russ
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Okay, I managed to get into the inside air handler. This is how it looked down there:

Wires to Thermostat | label on connector | Wires from Inside Air Handler
Two red wires - |R | - One red wire
None - |C2| - None
Two yellow wires - |Y | - None
Two blue wires - |C1| - One orange wire
One green wire - |G | - One pink wire
Two white wires - |W | - One blue wire
One green wire - |W2| - None
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Update and conclusion:

Okay, so I ended up just hooking W1 to O, and everything seems to be working properly. I followed the wires on the old thermostat and saw that W1 on the old one seemed to be the wire connected to the most cooling-controlling functions. With that, plus the advice of an electronically-educated brother, we took a gamble, and we came out with success.
Expert:  gotoman for ac replied 5 years ago.
The orange or O connection on heat pump controls reversing valve. Glad you are bck online. Once someone changes the color code you almost have to be on site to see whate wires theyare using for ech terminal. Usually not to confusing if you mark wires and they have followed color code. Russ

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