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Which thermostat in your opinion is the most accurate & dependable.

Resolved Question:

Which thermostat in your opinion is the most accurate & dependable. If you had to put one in your own home which would you choose-Honeywell; White-Rodgers; Robertshaw; Lux & why?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: HVAC
Expert:  Richard replied 6 years ago.

Hello loaded question First each manufactures thermostat can and will work differently with different equipment. In the digital age algorithms play a big factor. Both the thermostat and the manufacture of the boards in the HVAC equipment. This will determine how accurate or sensitive it is. Although most are very close there are differences in model quality and functions you may prefer. All the manufactures you listed do make a quality thermostat, with that said some companies will offer better support and warranty on the thermostats, you will find Honeywell and White Rodgers are probably the biggest and most competitive and also work hand in hand with many of the HVAC manufactures. Example Rheem/Ruud tests with WR and now some Honeywell thermostats. Most manufactures do not test their equipment with thermostats they just use on and off toggle switches during development. ( odd I know ,but true) However I had a Robert Shaw thermostat hooked up to a Rheem furnace ( RGPH) in an old house and it was the most accurate thermostat to a 1/10th of a degree I ever used.

I hope I am not getting off track here to your original questions, as for the dependability I would stick with Honeywell or White Rodgers both have excellent quality and very good warranties. When choosing a thermostat keep in mind what features you like and the want to use them. Lux will not be a good choice here as they do things differently are seem to be a little more complicated in the set up procedures. But they do offer good web site help.

Lastly, what thermostat do I have, White Rodgers touch screen, I like the touch screen and the WR has a large lit blue back screen easy to see with my getting tired Much brighter than the Honeywell and in color. Let me know if this was helpful or if you have specific models your comparing. Thank you Richard

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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Thank you for your comments-very helpful. I am comparing a Robertshaw rs 5110 programmable & a White-rodgers 1f87-361 programmable & a Honeywell Pro T8775c digital round non-programmable thermostat. I like each one-some things I like about one-some things I like about another, etc. I know that all three are good but I just would like one that works well in the long run & won't give many problems. I heard that Robertshaw sometimes has spike problems & that WR had a recall not to long ago. The Honeywell Round has been a quality t-stat for years & the digital one I would image would be to-but it is not programmable-not totally necessary for my needs & doesn't have near the features of the RS. So I am at a struggle. Which of these three do you think would be the best? I know it is very subjective-but a pro's opinion matters to me.
Expert:  Richard replied 6 years ago.
hello the Honeywell round is not the same as it used to be it is nothing more than a less expensive digital. Nothing like th eold murcury round dial that lasted for 100 years. In my opinion the Honeywell Pro 8775 or the WR 1F87are your best bet. I like the Honeywell better out of those. The White Rodger model is a good model but it is more of a builder model stat.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
What about the Robertshaw rs 5110. You didn't mention it-so I am to assume you are not a big RS fan? How does the Honeywell Pro t8775c compare to the RS rs 5110 in your opinion?
Expert:  Richard replied 6 years ago.
hello the RS is a good thermostat although that model i am not that familiar with. I looked up the spec and the features are nice expecially for the price. RS has never been a bad thermostat and I have worked with many of their controls but more people request Honeywell and WR more than any other. I do like the bright blue background, it makes it easy to see at night that is a big plus if you have eyes like mine. lol