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I have a Bryant 561 cj 030 - D air conditioner. We had a contractor

Resolved Question:

I have a Bryant 561 cj 030 - D air conditioner. We had a contractor come out to "routine inspection" of the system, which had been working fine. In the process it broke. I was at work, so didn't witness it, but this is what they say happened....

1. They turned down the thermostat to shut off the A/C, then checked the current draw on the blower in the basement, then replaced the filter.

2. After this happened, they found the AC system not running, claimed the capacitor was "leaky", and found two blown fuses. Then decided to change the capacitor and fuses.

3. When they turned the system back on, they say the fan made a lot of noise and ran slow (which it never did before). The compressor didn't come on, one of the fuses was blown again, and the circuit breaker was tripped.

4. They checked the resistor on the fan motor and compressor and found very high resistance on both motors.

At this point, they apparently don't know what else to do, and want to replace the whole A/C unit. They are claiming that this is a coincidence that their inspection coincides with my A/C going out, and I don't believe it. Is there a logical explanation for how they could have inadvertently damaged the system, such as accidentally shorting something out, or not shutting it off properly before inspecting the blower? Is it possible this is a scam and they sabotaged the unit so I would have to buy a new one during the hottest week of the year?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: HVAC
Expert:  Tim H. replied 6 years ago.
Thanks for giving me the opportunity to help! I believe you are being scammed. The chance of all this stuff happening during the course of a routine inspection is almost nil. DO not use this company anymore. Check your local BBB for a good, reliable contractor.
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