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Hello Goodman 90% efficiency unit is not blowing cold air. I

Resolved Question:

Hello Goodman
90% efficiency unit is not blowing cold air.
I replaced the FC100XX filter 1/30/11..
reset circuit breaker and checked outside fuses OK.
Fan does blow but not cold air.
I do know the humidfier doesn't seem to be moving water.
The unit is only 3 years old.
I have duel units one for main floor and one for upstairs.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: HVAC
Expert:  Tim H. replied 6 years ago.
Thanks for giving me the opportunity to help! If you're air conditioning is not blowing cold air, you need to look to the outside condenser as this is what makes your A/C work. You didn't provide information on the outside unit such as make and model number. Is the outside unit running? If not check for a tripped circuit breaker or blown fuse (in the disconnect outside). If running, is the suction line cold (the larger of the two lines going into the unit)?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I have the limited warrenty in front of me but it lists several modes listed..GCS10 / GSH10/ GSC13 etc...l..I can get the serial number but it seems the model number is XXXXX a GOODMAN...there are two large fuses outside...they are not blown..there are two copper-like lines...a fat one and a skinny one..which one are you talking about Tim? I assume the is not cold / very slightly cool
Expert:  Tim H. replied 6 years ago.
The model number can be found on a tag on the outside unit. The one you gave me is not correct. Is the outside unit running?If it is and the line is not cold, either the compressor is not running or unit is low on charge.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

I pulled off the Shure Taps...the model is: CAPF1824A6AA

YES the outside unit runs (the fan) when triggered does that mean the UNIT is getting current AC?

Why are there two fuses for fan one for motor? (the are not blown - metered them)

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I just metered the fuses..there are two of them..each has 120VAC so it is not the there a relay or reset switch in the back right side of the outside unit I should be checking?
Expert:  Tim H. replied 6 years ago.
That model number is XXXXX model of your coil, not the outside condenser. See here. There are 2 fuses because 240 volts has two hot lines, each 120 volts, making 240 volts.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
ok will get the model now
Expert:  Tim H. replied 6 years ago.
OK. Check for whether or not the compressor is running if you can determine that.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

the model number is: GBC130241AE

again i have measured two 120's making the 240 you mentioned.

whats next?

Expert:  Tim H. replied 6 years ago.
Check for whether or not the compressor is running if you can determine that.You may have to remove one of the covers on outside unit and lightly touch the top of the compressor to determine if it is running. Be careful, it may be hot. You should feel some vibration if it is running.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
earlier I removed the screw to the top that has the fan attached..the darn wires to the fan have no play to really prop on the test the condenser like you appears I have to test that through the top as the sides are covered by coils. will try that now..but there is a cover plate on the back bottom there any testing I can do there?
Expert:  Tim H. replied 6 years ago.
You may be able to get into and have access to the compressor from one of the side panels.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

A whole new world is opening up..starting to get excited..taking the back-right side top cover plate exposed the cap and relay xformer. I re-sat the red and yellow wire on the CAP going to the condensor motor. I put the fan back on top and will turn the unit on now...I have a meter...and will meter the red and yellow coming off the CAP...and will try to get a screw driver of the condensor to feel vibration (that appears challenging due to lack of access by hand. QUESTION: Is there something I could measure at the relay xformer or cap? the condenser looks new only 3-4 years old.

Expert:  Tim H. replied 6 years ago.
You want to check the COMPRESSOR to see if it is running. The black thing at the bottom of the unit is the compressor (in case you didn't know). Feel the top to see if it is running. Be careful as it may be hot. Once I know if it is running or not, we can narrow problem down.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Ok Tim...yes the compressor is running...I verified by taking the purple wire off the cap which killed the fan...of course pulling the fuse block out first removing the purple wire and putting the fuse block back in...i hear the condensor running...then put the purple wire back on to avioid over heating..still letting it run..but the larger copper pipe is not really chilling...whats next? (FYI-there is no return water running on the humidifier down in the basement...)
Expert:  Tim H. replied 6 years ago.
There are tow possibilities as I see it if compressor is running:
1) unit is low on charge
2) the compressor has burned out and is not pumping refrigerant

Unfortunately, this is where you will probably have to call an HVAC shop out, because now a guage set will have to be put on the unit to determine which of the two problems it is. And if it's just low, refrigerant will have to be added and this is best left to a professional who has access to equipment and refrigerant.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

I have two identical units for main floor which we are trouble shooting. I have both units running now...consitently the main floor air blowing out from the fan is cool (outside) while the upstairs unit (outside) is actually on the warmer side. Why is this?

Expert:  Tim H. replied 6 years ago.
When the outside unit fan is blowing out hot air, it indicates the unit has a full charge and is working properly, while the other unit (main floor) is blowing out cool air indicating one of the two conditions listed above in my last response.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Tim, added to my above comments... the air is blowing so cold on the output of the FAN (outside) that I am thinking its actually cold air conditioning. Your thoughts here please...again the upstairs unit it actually feels warm (output of the fan) ...


OK you ANSWERED the above...

I will hit the accept button after this..

My humidifer mounted on the furnace is not moving water...regardless of heat / cooling is it supposed to be moving water? I am going to take off the white cover and inspect...I beleive from memory..there is some kind of waterfall filter in there...

What do I have to do to get water moving through that system?

Expert:  Tim H. replied 6 years ago.
That is another separate issue. Check for water coming into solenoid and voltage at the solenoid when humidity is called for. If you are using your air conditioning, the humidity level is probably so high in your home now, that there is no way humidifier will come on. Why would you want to run it in the summer, anyways?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Why? the heck if I know...Is the water solenoid is located in the white box that is mounted on the furnace.. will check

Expert:  Tim H. replied 6 years ago.
Water solenoid is mounted on the humidifier. Are you sure you are not talking about a condensate pump? This would be sitting on the floor and have hoses going into it.
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