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Baffles in ductwork

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I have a Goodman air handler in my attic. I am trying to figure out how to switch the baffles so there is more cool air upstairs. There are two sets of ductwork coming from the top right of the unit, one on top of the other. Each has written on them (by hand) "open"/"closed" with a lever. Are these what I should be using? Which one would make the upstairs cooler in the summer and warmer downstairs in winter? As you can see I know nothing about this kind of stuff. :o)
Hi, I'm Douglas and I am here to help you resolve problems with your heating and cooling equipment.

These sound like balancing dampers. Generally speaking the handle of the damper is parallel to the damper blade itself. So if the handle is perpandicular to the duct, then the damper is closed. Its hard to tell from here which duct serves the upstairs and which serves the lower level. You almost have to follow the duct. If it has supply runs in the attic, its likely the upstairs. It may require trial and error.

I would never close one completely except for test. you dont want to short the system airflow. you just want to balance it.

For a test, close one and open the other completely. turn the fan switch at the the fan switch to the on position and feel the vents upstairs and down stairs and you will know which is the open one. Make sure your filter is clean too. Once you determine which is which, you can opent he upstairs and put the downstairs one about 1/3 to half closed to balance it. Make sure to mark which duct is which once you figure it out. After a couple days you will be able to make minor adjustments. Once you feel you have it well balanced, you can mark on the duct the "summer" position for each damper and then in winter repeat and mark the winter position. that way, in the future you know where to set it.

Just remember not to close one completely. the sytem requires a given amount of airflow to function and closing one completely may short the system.
Douglas and other HVAC Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
This has been extremely helpful! Thank you very much Douglas. Smile
Glad to help, hope you get it balanced. Just take your time.

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