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My air conditioning isn't blowing air hard enough.

Customer Question

My air conditioning is not blowing the air out hard enough. I can feel light air. Normally I can stand underneath the vent and feel breeze of air without putting my hand near the vent. Now I put my hand near the vent and can only feel light air. It seem like my blower is not blowing hard enough. The air does feel cold, but not coming out as hard. Sometimes it doesn't blow at all and makes a humming noise from the unit in the attic. I turn it off for a few hours, then back on... it will blow again but not as hard. I tried changing the filters (two of them), still the same thing. The unit outside will start to build up ice on the line that is going inside. Could the blower motor be going bad? or low on freon? The unit in the attic is labeled Trane XE 80 if that helps any. The house is about 30 yrs old, I lived in the house about 5 yrs. The last time the AC had problem, the condenser fan went out and I replaced that. Hopefully changing blower motor is something I can do.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: HVAC
Expert:  ComfortZone replied 6 years ago.

It is possible that the motor is going bad and the humming you hear is the motor shaft not turning. That would explain the icing of the outdoor unit. Are you certain there are only 2 filters to change?

You need to get into the attic and check to see if that motor is overheating. It is a fairly simple changeout and you can get a generic motor online.

Customer :
I'm pretty sure there are only two filters. When in the attic looking at the air duct from the inlet side, it only goes to two places in the house. This problem has occur before, few months back. It will make that humming sound, after I leave it off for awhile, then turn it back on.. it will work fine again. This time it got worst, hardly blowing any air at all. I will try to take the motor out tonight and hopefully Grainger has a replacement. I'll give you an update by tomorrow morning.

ComfortZone :
Ok. Grainger should have the motor. Make sure you make note of the wiring. that motor is inside of a blower housing that slides out of the unit.

Customer :
I have install the new blower motor with a new capacitor. Everything works great, but now it is loud. I can hear humming through the all vents in the house. I did cleaned the blower housing and the blower wheel. So it's like new now. The only thing I did was take out these dust collectors or filters (whatever it is) that is mounted on the wall inside the unit around the blower housing. I took them out because it wasn't glued to the wall very well and part of it was suck into the blower's wheel. I plan to put them back in once I find some new ones, not even sure what they are called. Could it be an airflow problem causing this humming?

ComfortZone :
Did you get the same HP and RPM on the new motor?

Customer :
Yes, same 1/3 HP and 1075 RPM.

ComfortZone :
Make sure all is tight. The hub nut, the motor housing, the motor bracket. Make sure nothing is loose.