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gotoman for ac
gotoman for ac, HVAC Technician
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Honeywell Thermostat Says Wait

Resolved Question:

my honeywell thermostat is not working properly and says wait on the screen AC is not coming on. Does it need to be reset? It is a touch screen and I have replaced batteries and adjusted it to manual and powered off the AC and turned it back on. Heat pump works fan/cooler/blower not coming on. Screen says wait which I have never seen before.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: HVAC
Expert:  gotoman for ac replied 6 years ago.

The wait is 5 minute time delay. Give it few minutes and get back to me if it is not working. I will also need model number of your thermostat.

JACUSTOMER-061mqh53- :
I also noticed last night that it would come on and off (the cooling unit) while the heat pump was still running outside seemed like it was cutting off. It is a Honeywell Touchscreen Thermostat there is not model number on it will look behind faceplate too see.

There is a bar code behind the faceplate but nowhere is there a model name or number barcode no is 32003725-003

Could the thermostat just be defective? It's still only activating heat pump.

gotoman for ac :
What is make and model number inside equipment. May be a fan board problem.

JACUSTOMER-061mqh53- :
7-Day Programmable Thermostat - RTH7600D

gotoman for ac :
I sorry I mean the air handler.

JACUSTOMER-061mqh53- :
The air handler is the internal unit right not the Trane on the exterior of the house?

gotoman for ac :
Yes air handler is on inside

JACUSTOMER-061mqh53- :
air handling unit model#TWE060P13FBO Air handling unit serial no 3051me12v

I have a 10 year warranty on compressor as all was installed in 2003

gotoman for ac :
Turn fan to on position and see if it runs.

JACUSTOMER-061mqh53- :
it does not. no go in on position

gotoman for ac :
I am a Trane Service Manager. We will do one step at a time. Open blower door and feel motor to see if it is hot. Also inspect the capacitor(small silver cannister on the blower housing).

JACUSTOMER-061mqh53- :
this is the exterior trane unit or the interior air handler

gotoman for ac :
Interior unit top panel.

JACUSTOMER-061mqh53- :
It sounds like I need a service call wouldn't you say. I am in Florida and my air handler is in the attic. Went up there yesterday and it was hotter than hell gotta bring in a ladder etc...old house. Even if I go up there we are just going to determine that it probably needs service right?

gotoman for ac :
To darn hot to get up there. The older I get the hotter the attics get. Better to call a service tech. But sounds like on of three things ,fan relay,capacitor or motor.

JACUSTOMER-061mqh53- :
Thank you for determining it is not the thermostat

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