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Phil, Mechanical Engineer
Category: HVAC
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Why do I have to keep resetting my furnace?

Resolved Question:

I have an oil burner question. I keep having to hit the reset button on my furnace. The furnace fires and runs for a couple hours but then I have to hit the reset button again.

Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: HVAC
Expert:  Phil replied 6 years ago.

Phil :

Hi. Tell me what brand and how old it is.

Tell me what color the main burner flame is when its running, Dark yellow is not good, a light blue or light yellow transparent flame is ideal.

Tell me what brand and model number the oil burner is.

JACUSTOMER-cv2cleat- :

Not sure of the brand...its about 15 years old

Phil :

We can go from there.

Remove the front panel of the boiler to find the burner.

JACUSTOMER-cv2cleat- :

Ok that is already done

The furnace is running as we speak...but over the last 2 days I've had to hit the reset button about 5 times

Phil :

Look for the burner/ oil pump/ blower assembly.. it produces the flame. It will have a name plate attached. Tell me what the brand and model number is

Probable cause of the problem is a dirty flame sensor rod or soot on the infra red flame sensing 'eye'

JACUSTOMER-cv2cleat- :

Ok..let me go and get the brand and model number for you

Its a Oneida Royal Furnace LOR125A4B serial #964443 with a Beckett Burner

Phil :

Thanks, it is a Becket burner.. now if you give the model number off the same tag I can look it up and see if it has flame sensor ROD or an infra red flame sensing eye. In either case they need to be cleaned off.

That would be step one of our work. If that fails we need to look into other potential causes

I still need to know what color the main burner flame is

JACUSTOMER-cv2cleat- :

I believe the serial number on the burner is 980501-39511. Its hard to read.......the flame is a light blue and yellow

Phil :

Hello again, the flame is perfect in that case. Regarding the serial number, we can't use that. The burner is traced by its MODEL number, that is stamped directly above the serial number in most cases.

If you can't find the MODEL number, do this... look inside at the flame and see if you can see a metal rod poking into the flame. That is a flame detection rod. Sand it off with sand paper, that will most likely fix the problem

If you don't see a flame detection rod, it has an infra red sensor; a dime sized lens, on the burner that detects flame. Clean that off with whatever solvent you have on hand that works.. wait half an hour, then turn the unit back on.

Let me know, we can go from there

JACUSTOMER-cv2cleat- :

Is the infra red sensor attached to the underside of the transformer?

Phil :

Generally not, it is in places so that it can 'see' the flame, and is much closer to the burner head area than the transformer which cannot be allowed to get hot.

If you can get me the MODEL number I can tell you exactly.

Stay in touch, we go on until all this is resolved.

The business end of the infra red sensor is a dime sized glass lens.

JACUSTOMER-cv2cleat- :

Says its a Model "A", "AF"

Phil :

Look this page over and tell me if either of these is what you have.

JACUSTOMER-cv2cleat- :

Looks like I have the AF model

Go to this link, the complete flame detection kit is three items down on the page.

Tell me if you have anything like that

We can go from there

JACUSTOMER-cv2cleat- :

I cleaned off the sensor and it appears to be working fine...thanks for your help.

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