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Pilot light on my Goodman furnace has gone out. How to light it?

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I have a Goodman gas furnace. The pilot light has gone out. How can I restart it? The furnace is about 4 years old. I cannot see a pilot light so I took the lower panel off. No pilot light.

Model   GCH91155DXAA

M Oglesby : This furnace does not have a standing pilot light that is manually lit. It has a automatic igniter. Is the fan working on the furnace?

JACUSTOMER-yr49hkgo- :
The fan is working.

M Oglesby :
What is the furnace doing when you set the thermostat to call for heat?

JACUSTOMER-yr49hkgo- :
It comes on but there is no heat, just cold air. It was working this morning.

M Oglesby :
When is the last time you changed the filter?

JACUSTOMER-yr49hkgo- :
August. We change it every six months. It's 4 inches thick.

M Oglesby :
I need you to go to the furnace and observe the ignition process.

JACUSTOMER-yr49hkgo- :
Ok. Is that behind the lower panel?

M Oglesby :
Let me know how far it gets before it fails. Let me know if the igniter attempts to ignite(glow coil / spark), let me know if the burners ignite. That should be behind the top panel.

JACUSTOMER-yr49hkgo- :
Ok. Should I turn it on to observe?

M Oglesby :
Yes turn it on and observe.

JACUSTOMER-yr49hkgo- :
I am unable to loosen one of the screws to take the top panel off. It doesn't sound like it's trying to ignite but it is running, fan not on at the moment though.

M Oglesby :
We will not be able to continue if you cant get the panel off.

JACUSTOMER-yr49hkgo- :
We have both panels off now. We took top panel off & for some reason it's now working again. Thanks for attempting to help.

M Oglesby :

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