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How to restart a Beckett oil furnace?

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We ran out of oil on our Beckett Furnace. Got filled up. After several attempts to restart (seems we need to bleed the line) the green light has gone out (it was flashing). Don't know what to do next. Any help appreciated.

Welcome to JustAnswer, I will do my best to help you solve your problem

If you ran out of oil you do need to purge the air from the oil line. To do this you need a 3/8" (typically) open end wrench, a small container to catch the oil and a small piece of 1/4" od rubber tubing (the tubing isn't vital it just makes it a little easier). Locate the bleed fitting on the oil pump (on the left side of the oil burner where the oil line connects) it has a hex with a small hose barb protruding. Position your container directly below it. Loosen the hex. You will get a little oil and maybe a few bubbles. Now hit the reset button on the burner and let it run until its a steady stream of oil (no bubbles). Tighten the hex back up and you're done. You may need to hit the reset more than once. If your ignition control (the device with the reset button on the burner) is a R7184 then the control will go into a hard lockout if you push the reset more than twice. You need to hold the button down for at least 30 seconds to release the lockout.

JACUSTOMER-7bvcoa13- :
Held the reset foe 30sec....then 1 min green light won't come on. Basically seems dead.

Rickheatdoc :
Turn the power off wait a couple minutes then turn it back on and try again

JACUSTOMER-7bvcoa13- :
still no green light...when I turn power back on the green light flicks for millisecond (so bulb not burned out)

Rickheatdoc :
The green light only comes on (steady) when the flame is sensed. It should blink if it's in lock out. You may have a faulty ignition control. Try holding the button down again. If that doesn't work you may need a new control but you would need to be sure you have power to the unresponsive control before replacing it

JACUSTOMER-7bvcoa13- :
will go try again (the light went out the first time I held the button down for 1 min)

Rickheatdoc :

JACUSTOMER-7bvcoa13- :
nope...still no green light

Rickheatdoc :
Then you may need to replace the control but you need to check for voltage to the control first. I'm assuming your thermostat is calling for heat

JACUSTOMER-7bvcoa13- :
Sheesh...good assumption!....she had turned off at the green is blinking

Rickheatdoc :
Is it working now?

JACUSTOMER-7bvcoa13- :
just blinking....what should I do now

Rickheatdoc :
hold down the reset button and follow my original instructions
good luck

JACUSTOMER-7bvcoa13- :
Still not working....tried several times....steady stream of oil....tries to run for about 10-15 seconds...then flashing green light comes on again and it quits.

Rickheatdoc :
Then you either have an ignition problem or a fuel problem. Do you smell fuel oil?

JACUSTOMER-7bvcoa13- :
not sure I smell it... when bleed valve is open, it steadily flows out

Rickheatdoc :
you could have a clogged nozzle or a clogged pump screen or several other problems none of which is a DIY repair

JACUSTOMER-7bvcoa13- :
OK, thanks for all your help Rick

Rickheatdoc :
Thanks for using JustAnswer

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