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What is the reason for red blinking light inside the furnace?

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What does the red blinking light mean inside the furnace? Can be seen from the small peep hole on lower furnace panel?

There was a gas outage in our area. Gas service has been restored and furnace seems to be working well and is generating heat.

M Oglesby :

Hello, I am here to assist you.

The red LED light inside of your furnace is there to communicate with you the home owner.

It is there to tell you if the furnace has a problem.

If there is a problem, the red LED light will blink in a certain pattern such as 1 blink pause, 2 blink pause, etc...

JACUSTOMER-bhfe3ck7- :

What kind of problem?

M Oglesby :

For instance, if the furnace overheats and a High Limit switch shuts down the furnace, the red LED light will communicate that to you. It is very helpful in troubleshooting when your furnace malfunctions.

A steady blinking light means normal operation on a call for heat.

So you have no worries.

JACUSTOMER-bhfe3ck7- :

On the front, panel instructions say to turn some switch "off" and then "on " prior to a restart. I did not do this. Could this be the problem?

M Oglesby :

No there is no problem.

The furnace is operating normally as well as the Red Flashing LED. It is letting you know, that everything is normal.

JACUSTOMER-bhfe3ck7- :

The switch is somewhere inside the furnace, near where the gas pipe comes in according to instructions.

M Oglesby :

Remove the furnace door panels, and look on the back of them an, they will tell you what the flashing LED troubleshooting code is indicating. It will also tell you what the normal flashing LED is.

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