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Matthew, HVAC Technician
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I need to reset the flame rollout switch

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Hello I need to reset the flame rollout switch.

Optional Information:
Make : carrier
Model : ck5bxa0600z4aaaa

Already Tried:
i have determined LED code 13. The blower is continually blowing, but there is no heat.

The flame roll out switches are around the burner box and have a tiny red reset button in the center. If one these limits is the one that is tripped giving you code 33 or 13 then the button will be poped up and pushing it in will cause an audible click and it is reset.

The more likely limit that is open is the main limit.

JACUSTOMER-4p4253oy- :
I can't seem to find it
do i need to open the burner box ?

Matthew :
This main limit is an auto reset limit and senses the temperature inside the furnace heat exchanger. If there is a problem with your airflow this limit will open causing the burners to go out and the blower to run.

JACUSTOMER-4p4253oy- :
I already took of the main cover

Matthew :
Find this main limit and then follow the wires off of it and they will lead you to every limit in the limit loop. Eventually the wires will terminate into the furnace control board. Once you have reached the furnace control board with both wires then you have found every limit in the loop.

Think of the two wires leaving the control board as the same wire making a big loop and every limit is just an on off switch to cut power to this single wire.

To see if the main limit is the one that is open take the two wires hooked to it and hook them together.

JACUSTOMER-4p4253oy- :
Do I need to open the burner box where the burners are to get to the rest for the flame rollout?

Matthew :
The roll out limits will be on the outside of the burner compartment

Like I said just follow the wires off the main limit and they will lead you right to these roll out limits.

This is the main limit.

You will see just the front face with the two wires hooking to it. The green legs with the sensor disc is actually inserted into the heat exchanger.

JACUSTOMER-4p4253oy- :
ok i think i found it on the right side of the burner how do I reset the flame i unplug the main limit leads and then touch them together???

Matthew :
To reset the roll out limit (if it is open) just press in on the little button in the center

JACUSTOMER-4p4253oy- :
And should the furnace power be on while I do this
yeah tried that and nothing happened

Matthew :
The main limit to test it to see if it is the one that is open you take the two wires off of it and hook them together.

Turn power off when unhooking the main limit wires yes then turn power back on when you have them hooked together.

May need a paper clip or wire if the wires have plastic covers over the connectors so that it is metal to metal touching.

JACUSTOMER-4p4253oy- :
i think i just blew the 3amp fuse on the circuit board
It looks like a regular auto fuse. Maybe I can get on at the gas station??
once i fix the fuse then I go through the all the limit switches and remove the terminals and wire them together. With a paper clip if need be....I assume one of these will stop the led from flashing and reset the rollout or error code 13 and my burners will light that correct?/
The metal to metal touching will reset the switch or will it just indicate which one needs to be reset?

Matthew :
bypassing the switch just tells you which one is open. then you need to get it to reset if it is open.

If it is this main limit then pull it out and clean the sensor disc and tap it on the side of the furnace a couple times and then try it again.

This limit should auto reset once the temperature inside the furnace cools to it's reset temperature. The limit will say something like 160-20 or 200-30. This means at 160 degrees it will open and at a 140 degrees it will reset. For the second example it opens at 200 and resets at 170.

If you bypass the roll out limit by hooking it's two wires together and it stops the blink code then the reset button is malfunctioning and you need a new limit.

Do not run your furnace with any one of these limits bypassed they are safety devices and the unit should not be run without them inline.

The main limit opens for anything reason that would cause an airflow problem. Dirty filter, dirty evaporator coil(which is the model number you gave me), blocked return runs, blocked supply runs, malfunctioning blower motor not pushing air, or if all of these limits when bypassed don't stop the blinking then you have an internal fault on the control board and it needs to be replaced.

gas stations and grocery stores sometimes sell a variety pack of fuses and a 3 or 5 amp will be in there that you can use. to get just a pack of 3's or 5's you will need an auto store or a hardware store.

JACUSTOMER-4p4253oy- :
I fixed it I think.. I really don't know what i did to reset it but all of a sudden the flames lit...and voila...heat!!

Matthew :
the limit finally cooled to it's reset temperature

JACUSTOMER-4p4253oy- :
here is what I did...i jumpered the main limit switch....and the LED fault remained...then I jumpered the next limit and it kept the LED always on... so then I put it back..then I decided to hold the reset button for about a minute....and then the LED stayed lit again....and then the blower came on again, but this time it shut off....whereas it stayed on all the time before (the blower that is) so i decided to crank up the thermostat and then voila the burners turned now I am getting limits are jumpered....and the LED is remaining on am I good....or else?
the LED is solid now is that OK?

Matthew :
okay the flame roll out that you held in for a bit that was the one that was tripped.

JACUSTOMER-4p4253oy- :
gas station only has 10amp and higher car fuses

Matthew :
The button if not resetting properly again may need to get a new limit

JACUSTOMER-4p4253oy- :
ok...I guess i just needed to hold it for a long time??
where do I get one...?

Matthew :
The furnace runs the blower with code 12 on for 90 seconds any time power is interrupted and then goes into it's solid LED and start up sequence.

no it should click down if tripped immediately as soon as you push it. I think the limit internally was failing and the pressure you held on it finally got it to take to the bridge of the reset button.

JACUSTOMER-4p4253oy- :
it never clicked
ok...I probably should go buy one tomorrow....any idea on where i should go?

Matthew :
how many roll outs do you have on the furnace?

JACUSTOMER-4p4253oy- :
just one on the burner box and the some other limit thing below (but no reset button)

Matthew :
yeah need to replace it if it does it again.

JACUSTOMER-4p4253oy- :
the lower one is below the burner box
maybe I could order one from Carrier??

Matthew :
no any one will do here ya go.
carrier direct is going to charge you an arm and a leg it&cp=0&pf=p&sclient=psy&biw=1024&bih=653&tbs=shop:1&aq=f&aqi=&aql=&oq=roll+out+limit&pbx=1&fp=8c83e07bc6e25b4c&bs=1

JACUSTOMER-4p4253oy- :
oh thanks for the heads are there special furnace parts stores....or is this just a common limit switch for various devices?

Matthew :
They all do the same thing

JACUSTOMER-4p4253oy- :
ok..thanks for the help ....well worth the $15

Matthew :
dont' use that link
sorry those are 120v limits
use this link


JACUSTOMER-4p4253oy- :
thank you so much

Matthew :
no problem

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