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Ameristar Gas furnace Even when the furnace shuts off but

Resolved Question:

Ameristar Gas furnace : Even when the furnace shuts off but the fan keeps on blowing air. The Fan doesnot shutdown since a week.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: HVAC
Expert:  gotoman for ac replied 6 years ago.
If furnace is operating normally but fan does not shut down. Problem is in the furnace board. This board control all speeds of fan for heat and cool. The fan relay inside baord is weak. The only way to correct problem is to replace board. Id you need a source let me know. Will need number of furnace baord. Russ
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Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Hi Russ,

Details On the Board

Made in Mexico



156-4345 REL A

Details on small boxes (may be they r iCs)







156-6133 A145


Zettler written on small boxes


150-0667 written on Brown Strip


White-Rogers and CARBIDE written on the board.


I called my Friend who built the Deck for me. He said there r 3 wires coming from outside and going into the Motherboard. He was saying that if you have only one thermostate to control and may be one for fan then he was questioning to himself why there r 3 wires entering the motherboard.

He then removed one wire ( they were just red and blank) then fixed back , But i didnt had any heat for the night and the fan was blowing the cold/normal air then in the morning i went to see as it was cold and open the box and found one wire hanging which i fixed as i knew where it was before.

So now the Furnace also fires up and the fan too and the good news is that now the fan shuts off after the furnace shuts off as it was before. So for now the things r back to normal and good. BUT NOW I AM WORRIED WHY THIS PROBLEM HAPPENED and how i can prevent this from happening in future as now i will be always worried that the thing just got resolved on its own without doing anything so i might face this problem again.

I have provided the details for the board and see if it would be advisable to have it as a spared or atleast to know how i can get it and how long it will take and what is the price.

Kindly give ur expert advice.


Expert:  gotoman for ac replied 6 years ago.
You can pick up a new board at www.myhvacparts for about 100.00, If youjust a heating thermostat connected. The terminals are R and W for wires. You have a diagnostic light on board. If this happens again check the board will flash code. The flash code is on board. Russ