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I have a Bryant furnace showing error code 33. How do I fix it?

Resolved Question:

I have a Bryant furnace showing error code 33. This indicates that the filter needs to be changed - and it did (badly). Further on it says that the Furnace Rollout Switch and the BVSS require manual reset. How do I do this reset? is currently -29C (-2.2 Fahrenheit) here and going down to -29C tonight (-20 Fahrenheit) tonight, so I need to get this fixed ASAP!


Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: HVAC
Expert:  Matthew replied 6 years ago.

Matthew :

Hello. The roll out switch and sometimes a vent limit switch will have little buttons on them that require resetting if they are the limit that was open.

The roll out limits are located on the burner box.

If you reset all these by pressing in on the little buttons to make sure they are not popped up and you still get the 33 limit code then you need to bypass the main limit to see if it is the one that is open.

JACUSTOMER-d5jj5nlu- :

Ok, I have the main back panel off of the unit now, but I don't see anything like that. Will it be further inside? There is another panel on the bottom inside that I can remove

Matthew :

This limit is the one that would trip due to a dirty filter and it is suppose to reset on it's own. If this limit has a lot of dust and soot build up on it, sometimes it will not reset and requires cleaning.

Find where the flames would normally be. This compartment (the burner box) will be covered on all sides by metal. On the metal sides covering it will be these limits mounted on the metal with 2 wires going to each of them.

The main limit seen here.

Full Size Image

Is located on the face of the heat exchanger. You will only see this brown front part with the two wires hooked to it. The disc and green rod insert into the furnace and the limit is held in by 2 small screws. To bypass this limit and see if it is the problem you turn power off to the system and then take the two wires hooking to this limit off and hook them together. This bypasses the limit and if it is the one that is open the unit should fire up and not give you blink code 33. This is only for testing. Do not leave this limit unhooked. It is the only thing protecting your home from starting on fire if there is a problem with your furnaces airflow.

If this is the one that is open then take the two screws off and pull the limit out and clean this tiny silver disc off. Reinsert the limit plug, the wires back up and then see if it allows the furnace to run. If it doesn't then you will need to replace the limit.

All the red wires are your limit switch circuit. Follow the red wires around the furnace and it will lead you to every limit.

JACUSTOMER-d5jj5nlu- :

In over my head. Have called a technician to come out. Thanks

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