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ComfortZone, HVAC Technician
Category: HVAC
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Experience:  10 years in the HVAC industry.
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Customer Question

I have a Goodman GPH1448H41A 4 TON HEAT PUMP PACKAGED UNIT with a slide-in electric heat pump 15KW with breaker model HKR-15CB Unit works great, but never connected the heat coil because my home has old aluminum wiring and I was told that I need to upgrade to a copper line to drive the heat coil and that the aluminum line was not safe. My question is, what guage and wire type do I need to order. Have an HVAC guy coming to install and told him I would acquire and obtain the new electrical line, but I am having trouble located information about this heat coil and do not know the type of wire I need. Hopefully, you can help me. Then, I need to figure out where to purchase it here in the Nashville, TN area. Nothing like waiting to the last minute when it starts freezing and weather gets cold to deal with this issue I have put off too long. Thank you in advance. Bill
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: HVAC
Expert:  ComfortZone replied 6 years ago.

ComfortZone :

Is the heat divided into more than 1 circuit? For 5 kw of heat the amp draw is approx 22 amps. My guess is you have 5 kw hooked to the fan circuit and the other 10 kw is on its own circuit. If that is the case you need a 60 amp breaker for the 10 kw and would need wire size of 6

JACUSTOMER-0wge6s29- :

I have been informed by building codes that I will require a 4 guage 4/3 to complete this task... That a 6 guage is not recommended to carry the load safely. Thank you.

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