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I have a Rheem Imperial Drum Model Number ROBC 084Qea oil furnance

Resolved Question:

I have a Rheem Imperial Drum Model Number ROBC 084Qea oil furnance 1993. My furnance does not seem to be communicating with my thermostat. The furnance stays running well past the desired temperature setting. It does not always do this and i have a brand new thermostat which seems to work fine with the AC (cool settings). I have had technicians come out 3 times and check over the furnance and they have replaced a few parts but the problem still exsists. When they are here the furnance and the thermostat work fine but Like I said there are times when the furnance just keeps running. To stop it sometimes all i have to do is open up the cover and tap the (coil 24U 50/60 HZ part # XXXXX Rodgers(NNN) NNN-NNNN101G?) Can you let me know where to begin looking or if this is a common problem with this furnance? - Jake
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: HVAC
Expert:  BillyHvac replied 6 years ago.


Are we talking blower operation or full heat operation?





Customer: replied 6 years ago.
The furnance works fine from a blower and full heat operation standpoint. Both keep running even though the temperature being registered in the house is way past the temperature setting. I set the thermostat to 68 and the furnance and blower keep running even when the temp is 73
Expert:  BillyHvac replied 6 years ago.



Does the oil primary have a T and T for thermostat wires?



Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Not sure what a T n T is for thermostat wires is?
Expert:  BillyHvac replied 6 years ago.

At your furnace where the reset button is.....this box has terminals where thermostat wires attach.....that is where (2) Two, T terminals will be....Some units have different format so I wanted to verify what yours had first.



Customer: replied 6 years ago.
At the reset box there are two sets of two screws. From the best that I can see there are single 2 wires coming from a box were the wires from the thermostat are terminated to the reset box and terminated on screws that are side by side there. On the other set of two screws there is two single yellow wires that seem to loop back into the reset box. Hope this helps
Expert:  BillyHvac replied 6 years ago.


That is correct. Now for why I wanted to know....


There are 2 reasons for it to keep running.


1) something is telling it to. In this case something would have to make the thermostat terminals connect. Things like thermost, wires touching etc.


2) something is stuck. The switch inside the primary control gets stuck after the thermostat turns off.


Given your symptoms I think relay stuck since you can tap it and stop.


When unit will not turn off...remove one thermostat wire from one of the terminals. (not the yellow ones that go inside)...if it keeps running it is a stcuk relay in primary control which means the reset box would need replaced.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.

2 questions, roughly how much is a new reset box and if this does not work but I accept your answer can I get additional advice later for this same fee

Expert:  BillyHvac replied 6 years ago.


Depending on model $50 - $100.


And I never close my questions and always have follow up. Lets say you replace it a month from can always come back and get follow up.


You will see from my feed back that I am not one to leave people hanging.


This may seem like simple banter, but I think every question through and provide the best answer I can....and when I am wrong, I keep moving forward.


If you get the model number off the primary I can be more specific on cost

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