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I have a Rheem Uhqa-1310B unit and Im wondering how many tons

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I have a Rheem Uhqa-1310B unit and I'm wondering how many tons the system is and the maximum BTU output. I can not find it anywhere on the unit. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Panama City, Fl

Hello the 13 is the CFM so it can do 1300 cfm or 3 ton the 10 represents the heater kit 10KW. The B is the voltage 240 VAC there should be a Q or an R after this the Q is a 2.5 ton coil the R would be 3 ton. ( the air handler can do two sizes) the next letter would be a V for vertical or an H for horizontal installations. Let me know if you need more or want the spec. Richard.

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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I was asked the heater capacity. I'm guessing this means the max BTU output?
Hello the heater or electric back up would be 10 KW ( 3.414 btu per watt) or approx. 34,000 btu of back up heat. If we are talking about the heat pump out put in cooling it is rated in tonnage 2.5 ton would be 30,000 btu ( 12,000 btu per ton) With a heat pump in the heating mode the btu output will vary depending on the outdoor temperature. So when they size your system they size for cooling and take what heat you get at either 47 degrees outside or 17 degrees/ this is just how they rate them. If you want to know the tonnage of the heat pump you either have 2.5 or 3 ton but we need to know the last two letters of that model air handler since it can do either depending on the coil that came in it. Since this is the hi airflow ( 1300 CFM) I would bet it is 3 ton.