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I have an Armstrong Air (C2E36C-1A and SA7414 are on the inside

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I have an Armstrong Air (C2E36C-1A and SA7414 are on the inside unit) with an Ultra V Tech 91 furnace attached. It is not doing anything now--put thermostat fan on "On", nothing happens. No A/C, no heat, no fan. What could be wrong?
Hello my name is XXXXX XXXXX will be my pleasure to assist you. In the furnace there may be a small car like fuse in the circuit board that blew. I would check there its usually in the lower section of the furnace in front of the blower in the circuit board. I will attach a picture but it may be a different color.

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Customer: replied 6 years ago.

I found the fuse, and it is indeed burned out (I think--the two wires in encased in plastic aren't joined and there appears to be a "burn" mark on the inside of the plastic). The outside of the fuse is labeled with the number 5. Does that mean it is a 5 amp fuse? And, are those fuses available at a home supply store (like Lowe's/Home Depot), or only through a specialty store?


Thanks for the help!

Those fuses can be purchased at any auto parts store not sure about home improvement stores. Yes it is a 5 amp fuse.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Unfortunately, replacing that fuse didn't fix the problem. When I first switched the unit from Off to Heat the other day, I heard a "click" sound that came up through the air return duct near the thermostat. I only heard it once, and it doesn't do it now when I switch the thermostat to the Heat or Cool position. And, when I switch the fan lever from Auto to On, nothing happens.


Is there another fuse somewhere I'm missing, or is there something else I can try before calling in a local HVAC guy?



If you still get nothing you will have to check the transformer to see if the transformer is burned out you will need an electric meter to check this. Check the secondary 24 volt low voltage circuit.
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