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Second Attempt I disconnected a White Rodgers 1F88-300 thermostat

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Second Attempt: I disconnected a White Rodgers 1F88-300 thermostat because my air conditioning has stopped running (including the fan). I attempted to hook up my old Lux 500 thermostat. Unfortunately, I do not know where all the wires go. There are five wires that were connected to the White Rodgers thermostat (Red, Blue, White, Green and Yellow) and there are connections for Four wires to the Lux (White, Green, Yellow, RH and RC, which are jumpered together). So now I am attempted to reconnect the White Rodgers and do not remember where the three of the five wires go. I know the Blue wire was connected to the C terminal and the Red was connected to the R terminal. I do not know where the White, Green and Yellow wires go. Can anyone tell me where the wires go to either, or both, thermostats. I just bought this house in June and do not have any manuals.
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Billy :


You should have white to W, green to G, yellow to Y.....and of course red to rc/rh and blue to C...if new thermostat does not have "C" just tape the blue wire and do not use.

JACUSTOMER-9u1eps7j- :

Thanx much - The White Rodgers terminals have a Y1and E/W1, which I guess is Yellow and White, respectively. Is that correct?

Billy :

I would like to be positive so if you dont mind waiting a minute I will verify.

JACUSTOMER-9u1eps7j- :

There is also a Y2 and W2 terminal on the White Rodgers.

Billy : are correct...Y1 for yellow and W1 for white

JACUSTOMER-9u1eps7j- :

Great - Thanx.

Billy :

the y2 and w2 are for 2 stage units

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