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5kcp39gg 1/3hp 1 phase 3 speed 208 - 230v delivering a weak

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5kcp39gg 1/3hp 1 phase 3 speed 208 - 230v delivering a weak air flow. S/N B5D060212288. Filter was not changes and got way clogged. brown fuse wire to capacitor to motor opened. replaced wire, motor started working again; but delivery to vents seems weak. Electric bills went from $130 a month to $460 a month prior to fused wire opening. OK, beside a good slap to the face on not changing the filter or realizing something was wrong from the huge jump in electric bill, what do the experts think is the problem now? replace motor and capacitor?

attic unit model number = B5BM-T42K-B
If the capacitor were weak, your motor may not reach full RPMs and would draw more power. I would be concerned that the face of the indoor coil is also dirty. Once a filter loads up, it will start to pass dirt onto the coil which in the end is a good filter (not a good idea, just saying it will also collect dirt like a filter). The blower wheel also can get dirt in the cupped fins, this will also cause low airflow.

Replace the motor and capacitor? Probably but I dont think that will make everything like new.

Also if you had a standard filter in there before, I would avoid following the experts at the hardware store that suggest you install a high end filter. The duct system needs to be modified and your local hardware guy is not an airflow expert. Put a standard filter back in there.

If you opt to try a capacitor make sure the microfarads are the same called for by that motor. Many will be 3, 5, 7.5, or 10 microfarads. Microfarads are either designated as mfd. or uf. The voltage can be higher if thats all they have. If yours says 370vac, you can either use a 370 vac or a 440 vac capacitor.

I would recommend not beating yourself up too bad and just call a service tech so you are not just buying part after part till it works.
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
More information on this situation has surfaced. The fused wire likely just melted from the fan shroud being really hot and motor start current surge.<br /><br />After running the A/C for over 7 hours yesterday and determining that the house wasn't cooling, it was switched off. This morning I thought to check the positioning of the fan as I recalled it seemed to have a lot of the blown air leaking and not perhaps getting into the duct. When I touched my hand to the fan shroud it was way hot and had not been on all night. Apparently there is another issue. Yes, I would call an experianced tech to service the unit and give me the cost of repair low-down. Problem is I have had several really bad experiance with contractors, am an EE myself and simply cannot throw money at a few techs until I find an honest trustworthy one to pay a reasonable bill to and feel I have been treated properly. <br /><br />So then. Either I need the troubleshooting manual or a good Nordyne tech that is unquestionably honest. Those I called quoted unreasonable fees saying the motor and capacitor where bad. That I didn't belive was accurate. the motor is thermally protected. The fused wire to the capacitor was opened. Correcting that problem proved the motor and capacitor are working; but I do not know if they ae infact spinning up the fan to the correct speed. However, with the breakers in but thermastat switched off the fan shroud is way hot. Pulling the breakers and removing the safety pull-out. It all cooled down. <br /><br />So what now? Trust in the force Luke and call a tech anyway or what can I do myself? How does one find a tech they can respect and completly trust. So far this answer board has proven there are competent and trustworth techs of course there are. Plenty of high-priced incompetent techs too. I simply need to save as much as I can. These days are tough money wise for us all.
I am with you on the techs. Some will not like me saying this in tha way, I am generalizing, of course. Nordyne has a brand for just about every person on the planet. Therefore they are not signing the larger contractors who participate in training. This is not to say one man bands are not well trained. It's on average. I dont believe the equipment is inferior to many others out there, its the contractor. You see Nordyne doesnt offer much in the way of contractor support therefore doesnt draw the same level of techs. Again there are exceptions.

That said, the fan shroud should not be hot. If this is the case, you may want to check the coil for cleanliness. If you feel the air coming out of the top of the condenser at an angle with almost a cavitation in the center, this will mean the coil is dirty. A dirty coil will not reject the heat as it should.

To properly clean the coil, remove the fan deck and wash from the inside out. Many units have perferated, lanced or louvered fins and pushing the water in the same direction the dirt came from will only pack it in deeper.

FInding a tech usually requires research. This is where you ask friends and family and listen to what they say. If they "know a guy" thats not the answer you were looking for. You are looking for, I have used XXXX for years and he has always been there when I called and made the repair without having to call him do you find a good car mechanic? What if I were looking for a good electrical engineer?

Im not aware of any troubleshooting manual for basic air conditioning know how and the like. That is something that comes with training, training, training and experience.
Douglas and other HVAC Specialists are ready to help you