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gotoman for ac
gotoman for ac, HVAC Technician
Category: HVAC
Satisfied Customers: 5215
Experience:  51 years of experience install design and repair of all makes and models of AC
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Customer Question

compressor noise - could a reversing valve cause new scroll compressor to be noisy
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: HVAC
Expert:  gotoman for ac replied 7 years ago.
Ready when you are. Russ
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

I just purchased a new unit 410a 2.5 ton goodman heatpump. It has been in use a month. I first started using ac easter it got up to 90 degrees. It worked fine at first then I noticed it wasnt cooling. I went outside noticed it was making a loud noise. Unit should crank up make a loud noise during startup then settle down. It doesnt get quiet. The problem also seems to be intermittent. Called a teck out here and he said bad heatpump . Called up company I bought it from they said reversing valve. Talked to an expert lastnight and he said contamination in freon needs to be purged. I told him when the ac guy came out to braze the lines they did not use nitrogen. They told me they would braze the lines then flush out the lines before opening txv valve to introduce freon from unit into the system. What do yo u think?


Expert:  gotoman for ac replied 7 years ago.
If they used your old line set it should have been flushed to get old oil out of system. As for noise could you explain how it sounds. Is it rattle. does the unit work in heat. Russ
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

I put a completely new line set in they just had to braze it in . This is a copeland compressor scroll compressor. When the unit starts the compressor makes aloud noise during startup which is normal then it is suppose to settle down or get quieter -it never does. The opther guy says that a nitrogen purge is essential for 410a othrerwise copper oxide contamination exists. He says that is a big problem in industry now and that most companies wont warrant unit where lines have been brazed on 410a systems. He says that is why they came up with the lockring system. These are all things I have heard but wasnt knowledgable of. He says I need to purge the system. I guess my question is . Isnt the oil also contaminated if so how will all this be completely cleaned out. Or is it even possible


Expert:  gotoman for ac replied 7 years ago.

I own a Carrier dealership and we also sell Amana(Which is the same as Goodman) I have never heard of this lock ring system and I have been doing this 46 years. We braze in 1,000s of 410A systems a year with no problem. You do need to use nitrogen when brazing but that would not damage compressor. You have driers on system to catch any moisture. And also Goodman always honors there warranty. Do not worry about that. You may just have a bad compressor that happens. I sell great deal of Amana and I have had problems with noisy fans on outside units. But all you have to do is reposition fan blade and it quiets down. Have your compressor changed if it is noisy. That is part of warranty. They will have to pull refrigerant. Just make sure they install liquid line drier. If you have any problems get back with me please. I do not like to see good customer done this way. You can go to and contact customer service if you have complaint. I have never heard of any manufacturer that will not honor a warranty. Russ

gotoman for ac, HVAC Technician
Category: HVAC
Satisfied Customers: 5215
Experience: 51 years of experience install design and repair of all makes and models of AC
gotoman for ac and other HVAC Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
problem is i bought this unit from an online dealer- I was told I could do most of the work myself to save money- I installed the blower assmbly myself and wired it up. I puled the copper lines and thermostat wire to the outside unit . All i wanted was someone to hook up the copper lines. It was very difficult finding someone . Seems that noone wanted to do the work on it because they didnt sell the unit. the company that sent me the unit sent me lots of paperwork after I received the unit saying how a contractor must do the install or Goodman would not honor the warranty. Feel like i have my nuts in a vise. Pardon my french.I have no labor warranty. I have to deal with a guy in their technical department that feels like all this is my fault, And he is difficult to work with. I just want what I payed for to work. Top it all off I am unemployed using retirement funds for this. Whine whine whine. I had the guy out who installed my unit to check it out and he says compressor is bad. He showed me where it wasnt pulling but 3 amps when it was messing up. Says it should pull 10. It is an intermittent problem. the company keeps saying it is a reversing valve problem that there is some kind of voltage drop that I dont see.
Expert:  gotoman for ac replied 7 years ago.
Ok Try your unit in the heat mode and see if it works. Feel the large line and see if it gets hot. Let me know. Russ
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

i was just gonna say - the problem is intermittent however seems to be permanent now - it doesnt quiet down at all- when it does this it acts the same in cooling and heating mode- i just tried it in heat mode- looks like it isnt intermittent now- is there any way a reversing valve would cause this-sorry i took so long wife needed help


Customer: replied 7 years ago.
thanks for help
Expert:  Richard replied 7 years ago.


Let me see if i can help you out here. The noise you hear might me the reversing valve sticking in the middle but this would also cause the unit not to perform as no refrigerant would be going through the compressor and you hear the scrolls rattle. if it is a constant noise it might be charge or load. Take pressure readings and measure the line temperatures at the unit ( suction and liquid line) this will give us our super heat and sub cooling levels. Low superheat will allow liquid to run through the compressor and make them noisy. Next do you have a way to check the airflow? We need to make sure you have close to 400 cfm ( cubic feet per minute) passing over the indoor coil.

With this information we can see how the system is operating. As for the mineral oil left over in the old line set it should have been flushed before it was installed but as long as there was not more than 5% of the total oil in the system you will be ok. One we get it running check the temperature drop over the drier filter every few weeks when you have more than 5 degrees you need to remove the filter and replace it. ( I usually tell people to use a flare drier to start so it can be easily removed them when the system is clean braze a drier in. The best way to measure is during cooling mode this can be done in heating as well but often the super heat and sub cooling level vary more in the heat mode. let me know when you get the readings and i can further diagnose the system for you.

Thank you