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I have a rite temp wall mounted gas heater. It has become very

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I have a rite temp wall mounted gas heater. It has become very hard to ignite,it does not seem to spark all the time can you help?

Hello, please let me help you with this Alex!


Is this an auto spark model or do you spark it manually? I will me looking for you specific model while we communicate.



Customer: replied 7 years ago.
i spark it manually



You may have a part in the igniter that may need replacing. You of course already had this in your mind... I have been looking for your manuals on the internet but have had no luck yet. Do you happen to have any paper work on the heater?



Customer: replied 7 years ago.
i have no paperwork,but have learned the company has a new name called( Procom)



I have found the web site thanks to you! Now going over the manuals section i do not

see your specific model. I am going to contact the factory and see if they can locate it for us! be back soon.





Does this look like your furnace? (copy and paste to your Internet browser's address bar)


Does this look like your heater?graphic



Sorry for all the chat windows... I have left a contact email with the factory but dont expect anything until Monday. I hope you can hang in there with me. Now There is one thing you can do if you feel up to it. That is to dismantle the unit front and get to the actual igniter and brush it off with a steel or brass brush... a small one that will allow you to get into a tight space. It may have debris on it from the pilot and is not presenting a good ground for the spark. Try this while i am getting the proper manual.



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Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Ok I'll do what you said and we'll wait till monday