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White-Rogers thermostat is blinking the flame icon. Help

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My White-Rogers thermostat is blinking the flame icon. Went away for the weekend, turned it down to 55. Came home Sunday night turned it back up to 66. Monday - gone most day, came home at night noticed room temp was 55 (setting still 66). Woke up this morning and it was 55 (setting still 66) and flame icon on. Turned it off for about 30 mins.

Started timing the sequence: 10:30 55 64 constant flame icon 10:31 56 64 " 10:36 57 64 " 10:44 58 64 10:48 58 64 flashing flame icon 10:52 59 64 flashing flame icon 11:10 59 64 flashing flame icon. Gave up - turned it off. 11:25 58

Help please and what should the settings be on for step 3 and 9 on the configuration menu?


The thermostat blinks the flame icon when the compressor is in lock out due to power loss or interruption.

It sounds like your compressor is cutting off and not re energizing until the thermostat is reset again. This could be due to a short in the defrost control board of the outdoor unit or the unit could be cutting off on low or high pressure switches due to lack of refrigerant or an overheating compressor.

What is the temperature like where you are and is it raining? Also what is the make and model of your outdoor unit?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

The model is DRHQ0421CD. I have no idea who the mfg is - not on the unit. It is probably 2000 model. I had it worked on in Oct 09. They did a pole adapter and changed the electric heat relay switch which was making loud sound. I have been pressing the buttons on the White Rodgers thermostat to get the emergency button of.

Can you tell me how it should be reading for Fast or Slow Auxilary and Emergency Aux heating cycle rate. And if the fast second-stage should be ON or OFF. I want it set for most economical.

You want FA for the cycle rate being that it is electric back up heat.

And you want the fast second stage on.

If you were to leave the fast second stage off then the aux would not kick in unless your heat demand call was 10 degrees or more over the current temperature displayed on there thermostat. If this is the case when the temperature's drop below 36 degrees or so your heat pump would run and run and run and run doing nothing until 10 mins later when the aux kicked in to help it.

If your thermostat is displaying EMER in the screen then you have the function slide setting set to "emer heat" instead of "heat". When in emergency heat, the system only runs the aux back up strips in the furnace and does not run the outdoor compressor.

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Ok.. Thank you so much for your fine explanation. I never heard of and grateful it is available. I am unemployed, along with the many others, no money coming in and cannot afford a HVAC service call but can afford this service. I will double check the digital menu, make sure all is set right and hope for the best that it was just a fluke. Its sunny and 48 today... Thank you again for your service!!! Have a wonderful day!