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Charles, HVAC Contractor
Category: HVAC
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Experience:  State Lic. HVAC Contractor. 20 yrs field exp. Repairs and installtions.
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Can I get some support in getting my programmable thermostat

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Can I get some support in getting my programmable thermostat to just be on HOLD so I can adjust the temperature as needed? I recently has some electric baseboards replaced and the thermostat was disconnected. I cannot get it back to it's original HOLD position and stay there.


Does it immediately jump back to 55 (within a few seconds) or at the next time interval?
Is the Heat/Cool Selector Switch in the Auto position?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Within a few seconds. I can't figure out why I can't get this right. I have 9 of these thermostats thruout my house and I have given up on the programmable aspect and just use them all on the HOLD function and change the temp as needed. About 70 or so daytime and about 60 nightime. I just can't get this particular one back on course since it was disconnected from the old baseboard and connected back to the new one.


Thanks, Janoce

I am struggling with that model number.... How long have you had these?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

I'm going to guess about 10 yrs, but not sure. Originally when the house was built in 1981, there were standard thermostats. Some time down the line, I gradually replaced them all with Honeywell programmables. By the time I replaced the basement ones and 2 of the ones on the entry level, the look of the thermostat had changed from those I have in my bedroom and living room. The earlier ones had the capabilty to enter a temperature # XXXXX low as you wanted. The newer ones stop at 45 and you can't go lower - they also do not have an on/off toggle on the side. So, I actually like the older model better. I just checked the one opposite the problem one, same model, and it shows 100 flashing, the temp at 72 and HOLD. On the one I'm struggling with, I can't get it to do the same. When I get the temp I want, it flashes, shows HOLD but quickly defaults back to some programmable info and 20 degree less temp. Now I have shut it down (numerous times) and used a paper clip to reset to original factory settiing, but it's not doing what the instructions say it will.



I was looking for some technical data on it.

On the back should be the model number. Generally they start with a T, a TH, RTH, CT, C or something like that.

Are these high voltage thermostatsd controlling electric baseboard or low voltage controlling hydronic baseboards?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Above the number I gave from inside the housing of the thermostat I notice a little circle with the number 1 in it.


These are high voltage thermostats controlling electric baseboards throughout the house.



Janice, I am not having any luck with those numbers and rather than keep you tied up while I search. I will opt out and let the other experts look at your question. At this point anything I suggest would be a guess and I am not sure you were looking for a guess.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

No, I'm looking for a solution so I can get this thermostat, which provides heat to 1/2 of this large room, to throw out the heat needed.


Thanks anyhow for trying, and I assume if no one comes up with anything, I will not be charged.


Thanks, Janice

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

I guess yours and my correspondence is at an end.





Let me try to help.

If the thermostats not working like the others and from what I have read seems you know how to operate it since you have many of the same.


The fact that the thermostat was disconnected makes me wonder if it was reconnected correctly.


Or if whom ever disconnected then reconnected it could have


A. reconnected it incorrectly.


B. damaged it by improperly reconnected it.


I saw where you do not use the programable feature. I see home owners do that a lot with that type of thermostat. Can be hard to program and or some just like to be able to just set temp manually as they want as it seems you do.


I have some ideas but would need a little more info.


Would need you to remove the cover and tell me what color wires are connected to which terminals. usually the front snaps off leaving the base where you will find the wires I'm talking about. with letters by them example R, Y or Y1, W , G, O , C


Example terminal R red wire. terminal W white wire


If you could give this information I could help a lot more.


The thermostat Is low voltage and safe to remove the cover. and Look


Please respond when you can give me the info requested.


Also look at this link does your thermostat look like this one?


The pro 4000??


Edited by Charles on 3/16/2010 at 6:15 AM EST
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Hi Charles,


No, my thermostat doesn't look like the one on the link.


I have to get off for a doc's appt but once back will try to take the front of the thermostat off and see where we can go from there.


Thanks, Janice

Ok just knowing the wire colors and where they go will help no matter what model it is.

Thank you.

Edited by Charles on 3/16/2010 at 2:57 PM EST
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Hi Charles,


I'm back and carrying on. It took some doing to get the thermostat off as none of my phillips heads did the trick. I had to go look in my arsenal of tools never, or seldom, used. Lo and behold, in a tiny box of precision screwdrivers I found the correct fit. Still took an inordinate # XXXXX turns as the screws are very long. So here is what I find:


There are 2 red wires and 2 black wires coming from the thermostat.

One of the red wires is tired to an incoming black wire.

Other red wire is tied to an incoming white wire.


One black wire from the thermostat is tied to incoming black and white wires (2 wires).

The other black wire coming from the thermostat is ties to 2 incoming black wires.


That's what I find.


Now, so that I don't have to sit in front of the pc constantly, I'll wait about 10 mins to hear back, then I'll just leave it up and running and check back until I see something new from you. It occurs to me though, that I'm not sure something from you will pop up on the screen or if I'll have to go into email.. Let me know which, Janice


Customer: replied 7 years ago.



I think I just found the model #. It's on a white label on the front of thernostat. I should have seen it when I removed the face plate. In my defense, it doesn't say 'model #'.


Anyhow, here it is: CT 1950B 1002 then a little symbol which looks sort of like a bloated w followed by 0339.


That't it. I'll wait to hear from you.



well that number seems no good to but if you just get me the wire colors and locations underneath the cover that are in the base if you snap off the whole front display to get to the base.



The wires should be connected to some screws with letters by them. But if there is only 2 wires coming in from the wall to the thermostat sounds like its just for the heat. is the thermostat just for the heat or does it do cooling too?? I don't see how it could do anything but one or the other with only 2 wires.


I'm in and out and not always at the pc too working and working here when I can.

I own and operate my Own HVAC company. have many Irons in the fire if you know what i mean.


But I will do my best to help but the quality of help I can gives depends on the quality of the input from you. Thank you I will not give up on you though. Like the Some will just may take me a little longer to answer since I'm extremely busy. Sorry

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

I already did snap off the whole front and got to the base. Thought I'd sent to you to wire set-up. Anyhow, this what I found.


There are 2 red wires and 2 black wires coming from the thermostat and wired as follows:


One red from the thermostate is tied into an incoming black wire; the other red is tied to an incoming white wire.


One black wire from the thermostat is wired to an incoming black wire AND an incoming white wire; the other blackwire from the thermostat is tied to 2 incoming black wires.


That's it. I'm surprised that the number CT 1950 B 1003 isn't the model #. There is no other # XXXXX the unit - I've looked it over with a magnifying glass and that # XXXXX XXXXX



Customer: replied 7 years ago.



I appreciate your patience and understand you have other 'balls in the air.'


In an effort to help our effort, I'm going to go over the wiring again, as I think I erred with one of the black wires from the thermostat - and I just found along the plastic housing of the unit, letters and numbers corresponding with the 2 red wires and 2 black wires from the thermostat.


One red wire coming from the thermostat (T1) is tied to 2 white wires from the wall. The other red wire coming from the thermostat (T2) is tied to 2 black wires from the wall.

One black wire from the thermostat (L2) is tied to 2 white wires from the wall.

The other black wire from the thermostat (L1) is tied to 2 black wires from the wall.


OK. It keeps going back to the program that I did yesterday - and won't let me override it. Maybe I have to copy the MO program into the other days before I can overide. Think so?



Customer: replied 7 years ago.



I forgot to respond to your question as to what the thermostat controlled. That thermostat controls 2 electric baseboards which supply 1/2 the heat source for this large bedroom. The other 2 electric baseboards are controlled by an exact thermostat to the one we are working on. There is no cooling, only heating.


If I'm counting correctly, there are 6 wires coming from the wall, 2 tied to the 2 reds from the thermostat and 4 tied to the 2 blacks from the thermostat.


I'll check back in a while to see if you have had the time to go on with this.


Thanks, Janice



Customer: replied 7 years ago.



I think I've gotten somewhere acceptable.


Right now after pressing Func until HOLD (blinking) appears this is what the screen shows:

Tu 6:29 pm 76 (current reading in the room) with HOLD blinking - that time functions as a clock, and changes The example in the instruction page shows: Mo 11:00 pm 72 with HOLD blinking - so that's good - a match. However on the thermostat on the opposing wall that controls another two electrical baseboards in this room, the thermostat shows: Mon 1:00 pm blinking (and that time never changes) and 75 HOLD not blinking.


I just went downstairs and looked at two other thermostats like the two up here and I found that one is showing: Mon 100 pm blinking and 66 HOLD not blinking (again 1:00 pm never changes). Another one shows: Tu 6:30 pm not blinking with 61 (current temp in that room, altho' it's set lower) not blinking but HOLD is blinking - that one functions as a clock as the time changes. That is exactly what the one I'm working on is doing - the times are off by 12 minutes from the one upstairs to the one downstairs but that's probably because when I set the one downstairs up, that's the time it was. But my point is that both times change as the minutes go by, thus serving as a clock - the other two do not, but do allow me to control the heat.


My conclusion is that by hook or by crook, I have one upstairs and one downstairs operating as they should, with the clock keeping time. And I have one upstairs and one downstairs that with time as 1:00 pm that never changes. And I have 3 in the basement that operate with the clock not functioning, i.e. on 1:00 pm that never changes. They are slightly different models but seem to work as the others do, they just lack an ON/OFF toggle on the side to shut them down altogether.


I'm happy that I can now control the room temperature on all 7 thermostats with HOLD,

If I had more confidence in my handle on these thermostats (altho' it's better now than it was yesterday - this has been a learning process for me), I might try to get the ones where the clock isn't functioning up and running. And I might try to set a program up - I actually have one set up but I somehow screw up on the 'copying' feature each time. So, think I'll just re-attach the thermostat and it's plate back into the wall, screw it in and be done with it, at least for now.


I guess I can't be absolutely sure all is well with the thermostat in question until tomorrow morning. Tonight around 10:00, I'll turn the temp down to about 62. So when I get up in the morning, it should read close to that.


If you have anything else to suggest, I'd be happy to hear it. If not, thanks so much for taking so much time with me. It actually did force me to come to some kind of grips with this. At least I now know which ones are functioning as clocks and which are not - I just never noticed before the difference. All I concerned myself with was 'can I control the heat' because, honestly, I'd never look to a thermostat for the time. I also learned that just because the one in question didn't match the one on the opposing wall, didn't mean the one in question was wrong - in fact it seems it's OK. We'll see tomorrow morning.


I think if you don't mind, I will hold off on hitting the ACCEPT ANSWER. But it will be done tomorrow, if things go as I anticipate. Is that OK with you?


Thanks again, Janice



I think Charles was as confused as I was (withour a model number). Now that we have a model number, we have something to work with. He and I were both heading down the 4000 model, but as it turns out, its the CT1950.


Click Here to download the programming / installation instructions with the instructions to properly set up your set back functions. You might be pleased with not having to run from thermostat to thermostat in the morning and evening. Might even save you a few bucks on power.


You dont have to accept my answer if you feel Charles is the guy who deserves it.

Hi sorry it took me so long to reply Douglas I think was correct and the CT1950 looks like what you are describing.


Look at that link he left. it shows how it should be wired. and I have no problem with you not accepting my answer as I really did not help due to thermostat confusion.


Was thinking you had a different set up than you do. So if I can help now that we know for sure what type of T stat you have let me know and I will be happy to do what ever I can.


Thank You Janice for your patients and for your time. Charles heres the link again below.


Edited by Charles on 3/17/2010 at 6:48 AM EST
Customer: replied 7 years ago.



I think I've finally got this thing down. After all that fiddling, the thermostat in question is running fine. I changed the temp from 70 to 62 when I went to bed and sure enough it dropped down. When I got up I just adjusted the temp to 70 and it's in the process of getting there.


I appreciate the link but I have those same instructions - I've had them since I bought the thermostats. It's what I was working from all along - I think I said to at least one of you that 'the instruction sheet shows' ..........


HERE IS WHERE THE PROBLEM WAS: I was confused thinking that the thermostat in question should show the same as the one that was working: 1:00 HOLD. After all the back and forth on all this, I realized that those that are showing 1:00 HOLD are not displaying the clock, but holding the heat fine. So I have one upstairs running fully, with clock engaged and another that just shows 1:00 HOLD. Howver, they both are holding the heat temp I set. Same on the second floor - when I went down to look, I discovered that one thermostat is running the clock feature and the other is not, but they both the temp. I had just never noticed the clock feature as it would not occur to me to find out the time from a thermostat. Also the 3 in the basement are running without the clock feature.


As I already had the instructions, and I provided you with the model #, and I finally figured out my error in trying to get the thermostat in question to show: 1:00 HOLD, it was solved, I'm not sure that I owe anything.


However, I appreciate the time that you both spent trying to help and if it's only a $15.00 fee, I'm happy enough to pay that. Who it would go it would be up to you guys. Now, as I've never used this service, I hope I'm understanding that when I clicked on the $15.00 bullet, that was the fee I was willing to pay. Do I understand correctly? Just want to be sure I'm not OK'ing that I'm charged $15.00 per exchange as we've had numerous exchanges or by the hour. If you clarify that for me that it's only the one $15.00 fee, I will gladly click on Accept Answer. While you didn't solve anything, you indirectly forced me to go deeper into this than I had previously - as a result, I know more about my thermostats than I did. So please get back to me on this. And, I would use this service again (if it is just the $15.00 fee). Do I understand correctly that you respond to any kind of request? Like if I had a question about my sailboat or dinghy outboard, would you attempt to deal with that? I through that out just as an example. Where would I find a list of the types of appropriate areas to question on?






You are not charged if you do not accept and you do not have to accept any answer you do not want to. there is no hourly rate. And if you made a deposit it will be there till you want to use it.


You are also not charged per exchange either.


You can choose not to accept I have no problem with that at all. But Douglas did find the right thermostat finally so I feel like he would be more deserving to receive the accept were you to choose to accept anyones answer.


Again you do not have to accept anything you do not want to. Thats up to you.


Thank you for using Just Answer



Edited by Charles on 3/17/2010 at 2:41 PM EST
Customer: replied 7 years ago.



Not sure why you're saying Douglas found the right thermostat when I gave you the model #.


So, because I gave my credit card, I will be billed the $15.00 even if I don't accept an answer? Is that right? It sits as a credit?


Let me know please.





you gave the wrong model number 1st remember??


thats why I didn't find it and if you noticed I did not reply until after Douglas had read your post with the correct model number and already found it for you. So I saw no need to look any further. the questions are not exclusive when I leave to sleep or work they are there for others to answer if they get to read the good info as in this case was posted while I was away they can answer too.


So out of fairness to Douglas he saw the right model number before I read it and posted it for you. If you want you can accept mine or his but I'm a Fair Guy who expects nothing I do not earn. and I felt that he gave you the right info before I could even read that you had posted a good model number. thus I said he deserves it


They put a charge on your credit card for a deposit. Like I said you do not have to accept answers. so its just floating out there. I am not sure as to the return policy From Just Answer. I used the service myself before becoming one of their experts. on a automotive question. I liked it so much that I thought I would like to help those who had question's about the HVAC trade.


I have to admit I Do this to help people and am personally not that concerned about the portion of the fee we receive. Unlike others.


I do know that no Expert is paid anything unless the customer Accepts the answer they left. but once again you do not have to accept remember that.


Hope this helps I have got to go now thank you and I am glad you gotten your problem solved yourself. I have some service calls to go to Now best wishes.


If I can help you further just ask I will be glad to help no accept required.



Edited by Charles on 3/17/2010 at 3:50 PM EST
Charles, HVAC Contractor
Category: HVAC
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Experience: State Lic. HVAC Contractor. 20 yrs field exp. Repairs and installtions.
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