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I have low hot water pressure in my entire house. The cold

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I have low hot water pressure in my entire house. The cold water pressure is normal. Water pressure feeding the Rheem 24V47-7 gas hot water heater is normal, but the water pressure on the outlet side is very low and worsening. The heater is 12 years old, we have city water (Yonkers, NY), not well water. I tried to drain the heater. When I opened the drain valve on the bottom of the tank, some rusty water flowed out (1 quart), then it ran clear. The pressure from the drain valve was the same as all other taps in my house--very low. I checked all gate valves on the supply end of the tank and all gates are fully open. Is this pressure problem caused by my hot water heater? Is there something I have overlooked? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.

Vincent you probably need to change water heater. Even if you have good water they plug up. You can try draining water heater,but that makes the problem worse when you turn the cold water back on. Since it is entire house it is plugged at top of water heater. You can pull the hot water pipe loose on top and try to unstop the fitting going into water heater. Sometime this works. You can try draing it first and flush water heater but when you turn the cold water back on you will need to run faucetts for a while to get all the rust colored water out. Rus
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thanks Rus. Do you know of any new hot water heaters that have controls that lower water temp in heater during low demand periods? Someone suggested I try a GE unit.
The Rannai does this on some models. Google tankless water heaters and several sites will come up. Also Google tanklees water heater comparisons and they will compare good,better,best. Rus
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Ok. Thanks again
Your welcome Rus