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Charles, HVAC Contractor
Category: HVAC
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Experience:  State Lic. HVAC Contractor. 20 yrs field exp. Repairs and installtions.
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I have a Comfortmaker RPJ II Model# GNJ150N20A1. Ive been

Customer Question

I have a Comfortmaker RPJ II Model# XXXXX I've been told the gas valve needs to be replaced, but that it is no longer manufactured by White Rogers. The valve # XXXXX XXXXX Rogers 36E35202. Part # XXXXX I was told I'm SOL and that I have to buy a new furnace. The furnace was manufactured in April 1995. I can't believe that is the only solution for a 15 year old furnace.

Any suggestions?

Many thanks

Glenn [email protected]
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: HVAC
Expert:  Charles replied 7 years ago.


I think a replacement can found to replace it. let me check in the morning. I will get back to you.


I think the repairman wanted a commission for a sale . lots of HVAC companies offer bonuses for selling new equipment. to their Techs. makes them prone to condemn and replace for no reason other than to pad their pockets some and empty yours.


Had a customer call me that was referred to me by a concerned friend about a elderly couples furnace not working and were told it had to be replaced. wanted me to make sure this was true. I checked the unit unclogged a pressure switch hose. that was the only problem it had. It has worked fine since this was 3 years ago.


They then showed me their warranty paper work and it was still under warranty.






Edited by Charles on 3/12/2010 at 8:25 AM EST
Expert:  Charles replied 7 years ago.

still working on it please be patient

Expert:  Charles replied 7 years ago.

Comfortmaker no longer makes or supports that model. there are a few parts floating around just not the Gas Valve.


The comfortmaker rep I spoke to feels Like I do that a good tech should be able to find a generic gas valve and make it work.


On the other hand parts for that unit are no longer made so. It In my opinion would be better for you if you can afford it would be to replace your furnace. and If I were you It wouldn't be a comfortmaker.


If it were me I would just replace the whole old system to bring it up to date 13 SEER and 410a refrigerant. With warranties or if you like saving money on power and gas bills a higher seer like 18 to 23 SEER. SEER = Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating. The larger the number the cheaper it is to run. but the more they cost to buy.


the reason being if you try to just replace the furnace the existing coil may not match up/ fit together well but probably could be done, If any other part fails after that you will be facing the same parts replacement problem!! Also the R-22 refrigerant it uses is being phased out. everything is gong to R-410a, And if your coil ever goes bad which they do when they get old they will eventually start to leak. some sooner than others.


At that point you will probably not be able to find a R-22 Coil. and have to change to a R-410a one and will have to change your outdoor unit / condenser to a 410 a also.


I really hate to have to tell you this but it is the God honest truth. I have tried All day to get you that valve. Its just not available.


remember You may still find a good tech that will install a generic valve. but I think you should look for some new equipment that parts are available for and would be under factory warranties.


Sorry I could not get the right part and only offer advice but thats the way it goes sometimes.


Thanks for giving me the opportunity to help.


Do not feel obligated to accept the answer.


Have a wonderful Day



Charles, HVAC Contractor
Category: HVAC
Satisfied Customers: 69
Experience: State Lic. HVAC Contractor. 20 yrs field exp. Repairs and installtions.
Charles and other HVAC Specialists are ready to help you
Expert:  BillyHvac replied 7 years ago.


The valve was labeled a few different numbers depending on the company it was made for.


Trane bought the same valve for a series of their furnaces.


See if this is your valve here -


the Trane VAL, the 36e35 202 and 201 are all the same valve...just different end retailers.

Expert:  Charles replied 7 years ago.

FYI I talked to Directly with several Trane dealers/ distributors they Claimed it did not crossover and I spoke Directly to comfortmaker distributor. They agreed that it did not cross!!!!but what do they know right!


But As I stated already You may find a generic that will work and a willing Installer.


Maybe billy is right. I hope it is the correct one. And you could keep going on the same old less efficient hard to find parts for unit. but save money not changing it out. thats a plus.


When I talked to Comfortmaker they said the heat exchanger only had a 10 year warranty.


So I would weigh my options carefully. Do what you feel is the right thing for you


Good luck

Expert:  BillyHvac replied 7 years ago.



It is common for "distributors" to not divulge the information simply because they do not have it in black and white on the paperwork. Trane will not have Comfortmaker and vice versa.


Imagine going to a Ford dealer and having them tell you that you can get the same part from Chevy. Even though that part was made by a manufacturer supplying multiple sources. It just doesn't happen. You have to talk to someone with good experience overall.


When a manufacturer no longer wants "their" version of the valve, it becomes obsolete.

I really have no preference whether you replace the unit or repair the unit...I just like people knowing their choices.


So, yes, as you see, those who don't have the answer always want to replace. Should it be replaced? Maybe....Is the warranty good or not?...I don't know. Can we always just replace things when they break regardless of cost? No.


I am simply letting you know that you have an option. Just because a part is harder to find does not mean you have to replace the furnace.


I think if you see the link you will have the info you need.