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i have a bryant furnace... it is blowing cool air only... my

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i have a bryant furnace... it is blowing cool air only... my temp in house is at 60 now and set at 73... I turned of electricity, gas and waited. Turned electricity back on then gas and it started up but still only blowing cool air. any suggestions
ok, I think that a fault code 31 means pressure switch fault, however it might mean fault code 13, It should tell you on the inside doors what the code means, could you look and see what they say there?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

error code 31= pressure, draft safe gaurd, auxillary-limit (when used) or blocked vent shut off (when used) switch did not close when opened.


error code 13= limit or flame roll out switch


I really believe it is the 31 becasue there is a longer wait time after the 1 long blink.... It seems like the long blink goes with the three short ones first...


One the 31 code there are a ton of things listed... I am assuming you will know what they are and if not i can type them to you as well

ok, if it is an error code 31 for pressure switch, this is the circular switch with a 1/4 inch tube going to it, first thing, is this a 80 or 90% eff. furnace, easy to tell this is if it has PVC or metal venting.


If it is PVC venting there will also be a drain that may be plugged.


Lets find out what furnace you have and go from there

Customer: replied 7 years ago.


I am assuming it is the 80% it does have the white pvc... I saw the round softball size silver switch thing with rubber hoses coming out out it... I squeezed it all over and all of a sudden the gas lite up and the light is now solid!!! was it plugged up and how to I fix it "really fix it" It is blowing hot air now though!!!

ok, check where it hooks up to the furnace, take the rubber tube off and stick a paper clip in there, sometimes some crud builds up there...if there isn't much there you might need to replace the switch. they aren't very expensive if you do need to change it.


Don't try to clean it while it is running, wait about 20 minutes after it shuts down

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
LOL my house is like a meat cooler (Michigan here)... I will wait till it warms up and in day light so I can see without holding a flashlight... It has several ends... should I try cleaning them all? One at a time of course and should I shut off the gas and power when I am checking it? To repair this..... HMMMM can a pretty good handy gal like myself do it or would I need a repair person?
Just clean it where the tube hooks to the furnace, not where the switch is, you don't need to turn off the gas or the power, just let the house warm up and then try to clean it, and you can handle it, its not that I said before just remove the tube and stick a paper clip in the little hole, rust will build up and cover the hole so it won't have good flow through the switch
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Awesome... thanks a ton... I really appreciate all your advise!!! My house is warming up as we speak...all 8 kids say thanks!!