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I have a International Comfort Products PGF324040K01A1 that

Customer Question

I have a International Comfort Products PGF324040K01A1 that won't light. Someone suggested it might be the 'thermocoupler'. Would that be the same or similar to the part called 'ignitor control, remote spark' in the following manual: ? I have no HVAC experience, but is this something that someone who is mechanically inclined could replace? Could you wall me through what to do step-by-step? Thanks for your help.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: HVAC
Expert:  Richard replied 7 years ago.


No, these are not the same thing and your unit does not have a thermocouple it uses direct spark.

If you could tell me exactly what it does. When you call for heat will the draft inducer run? do you hear or see spark? do you believe gas is coming out and not igniting?

Thank you

Look on the board for a blinking light then count the blinks and look on the back panel for the code. let me know what you find.

Thank you



Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Don't know what a draft inducer is, but there is a whirling fan sound and when the gas doesn't ignite it blows out the blower (part marked 45 & L on the Parts List PDF). I hear a spark, four times. The gas is coming out and not igniting. I smell the gas coming out of the blower. The machine shuts off after the four tries. The board light blinks 6 flashes plus 1 flash (Soft Lockout - Max 4 trials for ignition reached (3 hour delay)). The valve is a Honeywell but I couldn't find serial number on it.

Is this the type of thing that a homeowner could replace if I found the correct part? If the problem is in the valve, would I need to replace the entire Honeywell valve or open it up and replace a part in the valve?

Thanks for your help.

Expert:  Richard replied 7 years ago.


Ok if the unit sparks we know the draft inducer works. This is the motor near the burners. If you smell gas it sounds like the burners are plugged or the igniter is not aligned correctly. Can you take the burners out and clean them with a brush or compressed air?

Then take the ignitor out ( has the spark wire on it) and make sure it is clean. Also, on the other side of the burners is a flame sensor ( look like a thin metal rod) clean that as well with a scotch brite pad.

Put it back to gether and tell me if this works.

One last thing the draft inducer vents out the side of the unit make sure nothing got in there like a bird or something.

Thank you

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thanks for all the suggestions. I take back the part about it 'sparking'. I hear clicks which I thought were sparks but I don't actually see any sparks. I took out the burners and they seem in very good shape. The spark wire was clean too. Did all the cleaning and did not work. Where the igniter is positioned, I can't see if it is sparking. Is there a way to tell if it is? It's raining today so I woon't be able to get back to it till tomorrow. Any thoughts in the meantime?
Expert:  Richard replied 7 years ago.


There is but i am not sure if you want to do this. To verify the spark you need a wire and an insulated pair of pliers. Then you screw on end of the wire to a screw on the cabinet. With the pliers hold the wire about 1/4 inch away from the tip of the transformer( where the spark wire went to the board) then look for a spark across it. If it sparks you board is good is it does not the board may have failed.


Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I took out the igniter assembly and noticed a hairline crack on it. I'm thinking that it may be faulty. The problem I'm having how is finding a place to get the part. First, it has no manufacturer info on it. Just the following: LH35XZ001, DST2010-021, 20060817. ICP, Carrier, Sears all seem somewhat interchangeable. I'm sure a generic replacement exists but a parts dealer here told me he's wholesale only and wasn't being very helpful. Any suggestions how I can find the correct part? I can shoot a photo off to you if you wish.

Also, I found this via part #(NNN) NNN-NNNNon the PGF3 part list:

Think it's worth a try?

Expert:  Richard replied 7 years ago.


You can find them on line at places like or just goggle Furnace parts. You will need your model and serial number.

Thank you


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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Part came and I put it in. Works like a charm!
Expert:  Richard replied 7 years ago.
Glad to here it