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I have a Bryant 383kav furnace and I am getting error code

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I have a Bryant 383kav furnace and I am getting error code 31. Not even sure where to begin. The unit is in the attic and is vertical. We recently had a major flood due to the roofers not watching the weather forecast and lots of water came into the house. Didn't really get on the furnace at all but all the insulation had to come out and all new insulation was blown in. I first had an error on my TsStat and I replaced that the tsstat is now working and calling for heat but nothing but the fan goes on. I have seen the transducer motor spining but no heat is turning on. It doesn't even try to turn on then just goes to error 31. What can I start with to try and troubleshoot this problem?
ok code 31 is a pressure switch problem are you ready for HVAC 101?
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Is it always a pressure switch problem? There were three other things listed that could be wrong as well?

If I accept your answer then you get my money and walk away????????

What happens next??


it sometimes is something else but here is what i want you to do the pressure switch has a rubber hose coming off of it connecting to the collector box pull this hose off the metal nipple on the collector box take a wire hanger or a long paper clip and insert it into the nipple wiggle it around and knocking off any corrosion blocking the nipple from letting the pressure switch make try this and then reinstall the rubber hose and turn furnace back on and lets see what happens. get back yo me.
as far as this being the only thing it could be the answer would be yes at this point because when the furnace turns on and the inducer motor starts this has to make before any thing else happens so we are trying to see if the nipple is plugged or if we just have a failed pressure switch

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I tried to clean the nipple but same problem. When the furnace was running and the tranducer was on (I think that is that black spinning disk right in front) I took of the hose and put it back on again and when I did this I heard the diaphram click on and off. The hose was a square one correct? Is the pressure switch the diaphragm?????
that is correct and if you heard the pressure switch pull in and drop back off the pressure switch sounds like the problem. here is a test you can try before you replace it. turn furnace off pull the 2 wires going to the pressure switch off not letting these wires touch anything turn furnace back on when the inducer motor starts up touch and hold these two wires together and in a minute or so you should see the igniter start to glow and then gas valve click and main burners light. this will show you the pressure switch is faulty. try this and get back to me
do you have questions on this procedure?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

I did what you said and the it started up and worked. I know now that it is the pressure switch and what I did is tapped it a few times to make sure nothing was stuck. Since we had so much moisture up there I thought it might be just stuck. I hooked everything back up and it now works. I'm not sure if it will work for a long time but it is working now. So thank you, XXXXX XXXXX thank you. You were a big help.

Best regards

You are so welcome glad i could help have a great weekend!!!!