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have a olsen oil furnace bcl-1205 i need the wireing diagram

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have a olsen oil furnace bcl-1205 i need the wireing diagram if you can help please.
Hi there. Ill try and track down a diagram for you. What make and model is the burner? A Beckett AFG? and what make and model is the new primary control you put on?

On page 25 and on there is some diagrams

I may be able to tell you where to put the wires though if i get the model #s
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
the burner modle af-65 xn protector relay r8184 4033 sorry for the delay
Is this a mid 90s or so furnace?
For the burner wiring,

Black (hot) coming into the box from your limit gets hooked to the black from 8184

Your neutral coming into the box gets hooked together with
1- white from 8184
2- white (or black from burner motor)
3- black (or white) from ignition transformer

Orange from 8184 gets hooked together with
1- black from burner motor
2- black (or blue) from ignition transformer

sometimes the motor or transformer may have both black wires, in that case you can put either one in either place
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
yes it is a mid 90s do you think the tranformer could be done?could this be the reason for it not arcing .
It very well could be yes. if your comfortable doing it, you could put power to just the 2 transformer wires and test with a screw driver. be VERY careful though, and use a decent screw driver, not one with cracks in it. Roll back transformer, wire it, turn power on and lay screwdriver across terminals, you should get a little zap at the least but sometimes not. The arc should be able to maintain an arc at around 3/4 the way across as you pull the screwdriver across.
Is the transformer an Alanson or a france? France units are more prone to go, but the alansons can too.
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
thankyou bill p.for all the info.
You're welcome. Good luck!