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I have a reznor heater and the technician has replaced the

Customer Question

I have a reznor heater and the technician has replaced the Gas Valve and Controller and Sensor with a Honeywell S8610U Valve and a VR8304M2808 Controller. Once the pilot light starts the heater ignites for about 2 - 4 second then the gas shuts off. Then the process starts again but it never stays lit. Then the little green light on the back of the contoller flashes 3 times over and over. Whats wrong?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: HVAC
Expert:  Bill replied 7 years ago.

first check to see if the ignition control is grounded, next if possible, make sure the pilot flame is large enough to touch the sensor, than clean the sensor rod with steel wool or fine sand paper.

these are the most common problems.

low gas pressure is the last thing to check.

Expert:  Bill replied 7 years ago.
does this make sense, if not let me know.