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Hello, I have a coleman msr-c mobile home furnace. sometimes

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Hello, I have a coleman msr-c mobile home furnace. sometimes it likes to just cut out after 20-30 seconds of cycling. I let it sit for a few minutes and then reset it, which doesnt always work, in which case I have given the " reset button box" a quick slap and then it will restart again. the screws securing the box to the heater were a bit lose, so i tightened them up, and blew out the reset box with canned air. Its working okay again, but for how long? wondering if those screws were needed as a ground, so thats why it wasnt working, or if theres an actual problem with the box itself. Kind of a pain because I cant really trust it if I'm goign to do any weekends out of town, dont want my trailer freezing up.

Are you referring to an oil furnace with a box that has a red reset button?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Yes it is.
Ok, those screws that you tightened down don't have anything to do with the ground unless you see a green wire attached to one of the screws. The box you are referring to is called a primary control. It contains a transformer and it sounds like it is getting to weak to pull the contact in. I would go to your mobile home supply house and give them the brand and model number of the furnace and ask for a primary control for it. Turn the power off and replace the box. Be sure you write down the wires that you take off, or replace on wire at a time so you don't get confused.
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HEY!! I would also buy a cad cell to replace as well! It is the little 'EYE" that is mounted beneath the transformer.