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I have a HEIL furnace with apparently a bad Honeywell Smartvalve

Customer Question

I have a HEIL furnace with apparently a bad Honeywell Smartvalve Model SV9541. The heating element / ignitor is firing up, and intake fan starts to kick on...but no flames are ignited. A Technician came over yesterday and ran various diagnostics and determined the pilot light was a little low, which was fixed, but the Smart Valve unit appears faulty. The unit is about 2 years old and the estimate he gave was abotu $600 to fix. Do these symptons appear to match a Smart valve issue and a reasonable fee to fix? Note -the part should be under warrenty as well. Thanks
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: HVAC
Expert:  Douglas replied 7 years ago.
If the part is under warranty (and it should be if the furnace is only two years old)... I can only suggest that 600 seems a little steep for the labor. Some service companies use a flat rate system for quoting repairs. Really I dont know if that includes his diagnostic efforts but even then. It sounds stiff. Of course that's my take for what it's worth. I dont want to bash your service guy, he may very well be the best in the area and is worth every penney. It's just so subjective.
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Thanks. I know I have seen rates of around $125 / hr for experienced techs and perhaps this is a 4 hour job? Since this unit is brand new...I have not even had any other techs look at it.


Also, do the symptoms of this issue appear to be consistent with a Smart Valve unit like this? Perhpas a common problem with Honeywells?

Expert:  Douglas replied 7 years ago.
well honeywell is a great company with high quality products, no doubt. However since your asking.... I am not a big fan of the smartvalve and many techs arent either. It's an attempt to put too much into a single component in my humble opionion. That said, honeywell and heil will back up the parts. The labor is something you will have to work out with your contractor.

Did he say what the problem with the valve was? Is the gas valve actually energizing when the ignitor lights? Do you know the model number of the furance?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Thanks again for your help.


The pilot seems to be working OK and the igniter as well. When the unit turns on the igniter fires up (glows) but the tech determined the signal going back to the Smart Valve to open the gas lines is not working properly. He did note, that the configuration is somewhat unique in that it is a combination of a pilot and electronic sensor to light the gas (I think).


The Furnace is a Heil and I believe the model number is XXXXX a 90+ Single Stage N9MP1 or N9MP2, Category IV Furnace. But I think it is a *2 because there are two exhaust pipes coming out.


The Smart Valve is a SV9541 unit.

Expert:  Douglas replied 7 years ago.
here's what I would do. turn it off and look closely at the pilot assembly, You will see a flame sensor rod that should be enveloped by the pilot flame. Do your best to clean that with a peice of steel wool or even a crispy dollar bill. then go ahead ans scuff the outlet of the pilot flame hood edges with a piece of steel wool.

tell me if that makes this work.
Expert:  Douglas replied 7 years ago.
any luck?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Hi Douglas,


I am actually at the office right now, so can't take a closer look yet. Hope to review later this afternoon.




Expert:  Douglas replied 7 years ago.
ok.. I just dont want you to spend good money on a misdiagnosis. In order to read the signal from the flame sensor you would need a meter capable of reading microamps. Not all meters have this setting.
Expert:  Douglas replied 7 years ago.
Did it work?