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Diagnostic flash code for Coleman Evcon Furnace model #BGM12520B

Resolved Question:

I need the Diagnostic flash code for Coleman Evcon Furnace model #BGM12520B

Optional Information:
Make : Coleman Evcon
Model : BGM12520B

Already Tried:
Need diagnostic Flash Code

Submitted: 10 years ago.
Category: HVAC
Expert:  Bill replied 10 years ago.

flash codes for your board:

Rapid LED: Incorrect 24 Volt Phasing.
1. Flash: Flame with Gas Off.
2. Flash: Pressure Switch Stuck Closed.
3. Flash: Pressure Switch Stuck Open.
4. Flash: High Limit Switch Open.
5. Flash: Rollout Switch Open.
6. Flash: Lockout Caused By Pressure Switch.
7. Flash: Lockout Caused By No Ignition.
8. Flash: Lockout Caused By Loss Of Flame.
9. Flash: 115 Volts AC Power Leads Reversed.
11. Flash: Broken Rollout Wire.
*Fault is a soft lockout which resets automatically after one hour*

Customer: replied 10 years ago.

I shut the furnace off and turn it back on the ignitor lights the furnace fires up for a few seconds then shuts back down repeats itself 3 times then stops. I am getting 7 flashes. Don't understand issue or whats wrong because ignitor is firing up furnace?

Expert:  Bill replied 10 years ago.

the furnace tried to light three times and failed, try to clean the sensor with steel wool or fine sandpaper, also remove the sensor wire from the ignition control and than put it back. Here's examples of sensors:Examples for furnace sensors

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