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i have peerless 120btu series 61, 15 years old cracked boiler

Resolved Question:

i have peerless 120btu?series 61, 15 years old cracked boiler pse&g estimate 6500$ estimate replacement a wiel-mclain eg series 4 ef gas boiler 209000btu/hr hot water- steam 192 to 750 sq ft model #peg 40 size 125 mbh w706405 btu on line price 2500$ and 2700$. service magic estimates are calling to do job. most dont promote wirl mclain one says hard water problems and suggest carrier with dunkerk innerblock another says peerless or utica besides all that on cold days my boiler cranked new windows siding ,[email protected] maesured all rooms still came up with 125 mbh please help also do steam boilers have anough eff cienty for 1500 gov rebate im told no 90 or above
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: HVAC
Expert:  Rick replied 7 years ago.
HiCustomerbr />
Weil Mclain is a superior boiler to all the other boilers you list. Of the remaining lot Peerless is probably the better unit. Replacement boilers are sized according to the capacity of the installed radiation not the buildings heat loss. If a contractor doesn't measure up your radiators he doesn't know what he's doing. No steam boiler is efficient enough to meet the requirements of the Fed's tax credit.
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