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I am seeking a wiring diagram for a honeywell RA832A1066 control.

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I am seeking a wiring diagram for a honeywell RA832A1066 control. I need to find out how to connect it to a modine garage furnace, Model PA50A.
I have the honeywell control unit showing the part number, but no schematic
HiCustomerbr />
Here is the relay's manual

Let me know if you have any more questions.
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
The Modine furnace Model PA 50 A has seven wires -

To control valve one black and one white

To fan (blower) motor - two black

Going inside bottom of furnace - one red, one green, and one black

Would you be able to tell me which terminals these wires connect to on the control, which has screws (terminals) numbered one thru four, plus there are two marked with a T and two marked with an X.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
The Modine model PA 50 A furnace has seven wires on it

To control valve - one black, one white

To blower (fan) motor -two black wires

Going into furnace - One red, one black, one green
Can you tell me where these connect on the honeywell RA832A1066 control, which has four terminals numbered one thru four, plus two marked with a T, and two marked with an X.
Thank You - Marc
I can't access a wiring diagram for your model so I can't tell you what to hook up where. If you have a wiring diagram for the Modine post it here and I'll see what I can do.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Rick - I'm hoping this shortcut will take you to the diagram for the furnace, the format I have it in doesn't seem to allow me to just cut and paste it to this reply, so if you're unable to access it using this link, please let me know and I'll seek another method to get it to you..I think if you highlight the link (only) then copy and paste to your browser searchbar, it will probably work..
I appreciate your help - Marc
Your link didn't work. All I got was the Charter front page.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Rick - I created an account with adobe acrobat, and tried to send it to you via the justanswer website, not sure if it was succeccful - is there a regular e-mail address I can use to get the modine schematic to you? - Thanks - Marc
We are not allowed to communicate by email only through this interface. Your attempt was not successful. Can you post a link in a response? or scan the drawing and post jpeg here
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Furnace: Modine PA 50 A - Control :Honeywell RA832A1066 need info on how wires connect please.
Furnace has red wire, black wire,& green wire leading inside. Control valve has 1 white wire & 1 black wire. Fan motor has two black wires.¤t=Honeywellcontrol1.jpg¤t=HoneywellControl2.jpg¤t=scan0004.jpg
I didn't need thre relay wiring diagram. I sent it to you. Your Modine diagram looks promising but I can't zoom in enough to read it even with my glasses
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
O.K., I sent you both diagrams to try to make it convenient for you as possible, so you would have everything needed for reference without having to go back and look it up elsewhere.
On most computers, there should be an arrow next to the word "page" (on mine it's towards the upper right corner of the screen) and by clicking on that, a menu drops down with various options, including zoom. If you click there while the Modine wiring diagram I sent you is on your screen, you'll be able to enlarge the schematic two hundred percent, or even four hundred if needed.
I appreciate your patience, and your effort to help me with this project, and if there is anything you need please let me know.
Thank You - Marc
The problem is not the size of the type, the resolution of your file is poor. Zooming in only amplifies the poor res. It looks like things do to me when I don't have my reading glasses. I can make out a caution notation but the rest is too fuzzy to read.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Rick - Here's a link to the modine literature in adobe acrobat, I copied and pasted the link directly from an E-mail I had recieved.
After I pasted the link into the box to send to you, I tried highlighting it, copying it from there and then pasting to the address bar on my browser. It came up crystal clear and large enough to be easily read.
I sure hope it works this time. I have a lot to learn about computers, so that's why I have to keep trying different methods until I find the one that works - Thanks Again - Marc
The link worked for you because you probably have a cookie that keeps you logged into this mail accouint. All I get is the Charter home page. Lets try this (unless you have a better idea) send me a screen shot of your Adobe file page. You can post a pic here

Instructions for uploading a photo.

1.) If you see a tree icon in your tool bar at the top of the reply box ( where you are typing ) go to number 2 .

If you don't see one then press show tool bar on the upper left of the reply box and then go to number 2.

2.) Press the tree icon, you should get a window that has a browse button option on it.

3.) Press the browse button on this box. You should then get a second box with a browse button on it.

4.) Press the browse button in this second box and you should get a window that you can use to navigate to the location of the photo file on your computer.

5.) Make your choice of photo file by double clicking on it. The choice box should disappear and the path to the photo file should now appear in the box.

6.) Now press the OK button on that box. That box should disappear and the path name should show up in the first box now. If it doesn't show right away give at least one full minute.

Don't press the insert button until you see a path name in the box. It will only show up as a red x if you do.

7.) Press the insert button on that box once the file path appears.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.¤t=P1050309.jpg
I took these pics of screen with my digital camera, then uploaded them on photobucket. These two links are the same photo in two different formats. they may open up small, but I hope they'll be zoomable on your screen - Thanks - Marc
Your links didn't work. To send me a screen shot you bring up the diagram page then hit the print screen key on your key pad (usually top row right) then open your word proccesing program and paste it onto a page. You then need to save the page as a .jpg file if your program can save in that format. Once you have it saved you can post it here by following the instructions above. The other option is to scan the diagram save it as a .jpg and post it here. Nothing else seems to be working.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Rick - I've sent the same (PDF file) link to some other people online and they were able to open it up with no problem at all..As long as they have Adobe reader installed.. So if you don't have that, it's a free download if you google search for it as free download adobe reader, or Adobe reader free download.

No doubt there will be other diagrams you will want to access in the PDF (adobe) format, so it should come in handy for you to have installed.

Please let me know if you decide to install it, and I will try re-sending the link .

Thank You - Marc

I have been using Acrobat reader for 15 years. The problem is not opening the file the problem is your link doesn't take me anywhere but Charter's home page (I assume this is the link you are referring to). There is one other thing you can try. Go to

Upload your PDF then send me the link.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Hello Rick - The media fire seems to be similar to photo bucket, but I'm willing to try whatever might work - hope you can access these of them is a photo of the junction box, and the other should be the pdf file (adobe) modine furnace diagram.

Thanks - Marc

Well Murphy's law remains in effect. I just tried your links and the page I got said their server is down for scheduled maintenance. I'm about to log off for the day I'll check back when I log back in. Did you upload the PDF? That's probably my best shot at reading it.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Yes PDF uploaded - M.
SUCCESS! Finally! First off you don't need the relay unless must use a low voltage thermostat and you have no other option. The simplest option would be to install a line voltage stat and wire the unit as shown in the diagram. If you must use a low voltage stat then you need a relay and you would connect it as follows

Connect your line voltage feed (it can be switched) to the Ra832; Hot to terminal 1 neutral to terminal 2. then run a 14 gauge (minimum) feed to your Modine connecting the 2 terminal on the RA832 to red (r) on the Modine and the 3 terminal on the RA832 to black (bk) on the Modine.

If you are sure the diagram you provided to me is the correct one this should work. As far as the remaining leads on the Modine just follow the diagram.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Rick - The schematics seem a bit unclear, to a non-electricXXXXX XXXXXke I'd like to play it safe,, and try to avoid any guessing in regards XXXXX XXXXX

I'd like to use the 832 relay, since I already have it here, along with a 24 volt thermostat, so I won't have to go out and buy any parts.

Just so I know for sure, I have a few questions..I'll go through it wire-by-wire..

Red wire on modine to number 2 term on RA832 via 14 ga minimum wire (got it)

Black wire on modine to number 3 term on RA832 (Should I use 14 ga min for all?)

Green wire on modine (Does this connect to ground from breaker box or - ?)

Black and white wires from control valve and the two black wires from blower motor (where do all of these connect?)

(on the blower motor wires there is apparently no polarity, or is there?)

Thanks - Marc






All your wiring should be 14 ga except low voltage thermostat wiring. After taking another look at this disregard the previous instructions.

Green wire should be ground. All ground wires are continuous from breaker panel and all connect together.

If the blower motor wires are both black and one is not embossed (little ridges, this one would be hot) then polarity is not critical;

The other wires connections are spelled out on the wiring diagram. The way I read it, the neutral (on blower) connects to the other neutrals; neutral from power switch to W from main valve and #2 on relay . Black (bk) from main valve to blue (BL) on limit. Hot from power switch to hot on relay (terminal 1) and black (BK) from limit. 3 terminal on relay to hot side on blower and R on limit .

Edited by Rickheatdoc on 11/15/2009 at 6:53 PM EST
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Rick - So if the three wires which lead inside the furnace unit connect to the limit switch, there is a red, a black, and a green (only) - but there is no blue wire anywhere. I'm wondering if this means that the same wire which is normally blue, is green on this furnace? Thanks..


I have no idea. Your diagram shows blue. It could be the green wire if you are sure it goes to the limit. You will need to trace it out. There usually isn't a ground on a limit. Usually green is reserved for ground.
Rick and other HVAC Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Rick - It's supposed to be the correct diagram for all PA series Modines, so I'm stumped as to why the color coding is not identical.

If limit switches generally have three wires, (Do they usually?) and the first two are normally a red and a black, then chances are the green in this case is the same as the blue on most others.

It does, however, seem strange that they would ever put a green wire on anything which is not a ground .

If I chance it, and it's incorrect, I realize It might fry the limit switch, and I don't know how rare or expensive that part is for an obsolete furnace like this, so I'll have to deliberate on what my next move will be.

You've been very helpful, and I appreciate it very much.

Whatever I discover, I'll drop you a line and let you know.

Thanks very much - Marko 724


Limits can have 2 or 3 wires. This one has normally open and normally closed contacts hence the 3 wires.

Thanks for using Just Answer