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honeywell beckett r7184p troubleshooting My furnace controller

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honeywell beckett r7184p troubleshooting

My furnace controller the r7184p started last week to cut off.
it flashes it's green LED 1/2 second.

I have reset the unit by pressing in the red button for 2 seconds and the unit came back on then died with a 24 hours period with the fast blinking green light.

I have master reset the r7184p several times over several days and the r7184p keeps going back into this mode. sometimes the reset lasts a few days, other times afew hours to all day.

The CAD cell check came back with 1 flash, so the CAD cell is OK

The furnace is about 3 years old and no problem until last week.
I have read about air in the lines and do not know if thsi is my problem.
The last fill up was about 1 month ago 240 gallons into a 275 gallon tank.
The problem started a few weeks after the fill up.


thank you
HiCustomerbr />
Problems with this control are very rare. It sounds like your burner is out of adjustment. If your burner was not tuned up this year then it's time for a tune up. If it was tuned up then call your burner tech back to adjust your burner properly. The likelyhood that filling your tank has any relation to the problem are very remote.
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