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My Goodman Gas furnace wont run. It tried to start up but

Customer Question

My Goodman Gas furnace won't run. It tried to start up but kicked off before any ignition. I went to the thermostat to make sure it was set high enough, set it higher, then same thing again. After turning the thermostat OFF then on again furnace did same again. Now furnace won't do anything no matter what I do. The little 3 amp fuse is good, and the status light is lit RED steady. Before when I would turn the thermostat off and back on I would hear a click inside. Now nothing.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: HVAC
Expert:  Mark Henley replied 7 years ago.



A steady red LED is not a good sign it usually means the board has failed, what you can try to do is disconnect all of the thermostat wires from the board's terminal strip and then jump the R terminal to the W terminal and see if ti heat will start, let me know.





Customer: replied 7 years ago.
According to my furnace manual, a steady red light in the board is NORMAL OPERATION. I did bypass the thermostat to rule it out like you suggested above. The result was a short click sound and I saw the VENT BLOWER fan rotating. Nothing else. According to my listed "Sequence of Operation", It appears step No. 2 "Vent Blower Energized" happend but did not progress to No. 3 "If the safety circuitry is in the normal position pwer is supplied to the ignition modue". Earlier in my troubleshooting, before all this, I thought I would reseat some connectors and pulled the top 6 wire connector off but had forgotten to first turn off the power to the board. I worried I may have caused the death of any integrated circuit IC. By the way, I had also just had the furnace guy come check out my furnace and everything was working normally till after he left. When we last used the furnace last spring, we had been having problems with explosions occasionally when the it tried to fire up. He is the second man to see our furnace over that, and both found no evidence of heat exchanger leaks by watching furnace fire and burn. No deeper inspection than that.
I'm afraid I now need the circuit board. and also worry if there are no leaks, then what is causing the explosions?
Expert:  Kenton Guidry replied 7 years ago.
Your burners need to be cleaned.

I had the same problem in my own residence.

Please respond with any questions or comments you may have.