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Rick or Nick in Texas
Rick or Nick in Texas, HVAC Technician, Manager, Owner
Category: HVAC
Satisfied Customers: 92
Experience:  25yrs State Licensed/ own/ operate/ repair/ install/ design-> AC & Heating company in Texas
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how reliable are goodman and comfort maker hvac systems

Resolved Question:

how reliable are goodman and comfort maker hvac systems?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: HVAC
Expert:  Rick or Nick in Texas replied 8 years ago.


While debating that question for any brand could be endless, the main thing to remember no matter what brand is used its only as good as its installation.

As far as brands go and being an independent contractor and beholding to no brand by way of floor plans that must be sold to stay qualified to sell it or is sent on trips by the manufacturers. Thusly in order to stay a "Brand C or L or T" dealer many contractors will talk down most brands but the one the have named an their trucks, buildings,uniforms, etc to meet their yearly sales quotas. Just because a brands is advertised doesnt mean its better but does insure that it WILL cost

I have found that I have had the most success with the Goodman brand. I have sold nearly all makes and brands and have had the least amount of warranty work on them. They have become the largest manufacturer of HVAC equipment in the U.S. and have been trend setters in the length and scope of longer warranties on their products. They tend to be less expensive, although other brands are rushing to try and match their low prices by cutting quality and warranties to compete, they are less expensive because they don't offer advertising co-op money or money rebate incentives like most brands do. They also don't advertise. These things cost money and Goodman puts it into cost savings, quality and better warranties. As far as Comfortmaker, I used to be a dealer years back and no longer offer them as my products of choice. I prefer to use Goodman or Amana first(was bought by Goodman) and Ruud/Rheem as my second brand of choice because of the least amount of after install warranties and/or repairs down the road.

I hope this helps if you need a further assist in this matter I will still be available even after you click the Accept button.

Good Luck! Rick in Texas

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