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I have a york diamond 80. Yesterday I had to change out the

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I have a york diamond 80. Yesterday I had to change out the hot surface igniter, now the light blinks 5 times which says roll out switch.   when I have the power on the vent blower and the air handler blower will never shut off and the igniter never tries to light.. Oh yes it is cold
The roll out swicth is a small disk shaped device about the size of a penny with 2 wires coming out of it. It usually has a small button (usually red) coming out of the back of it. If you push this button in and it clicks then you have reset the switch. It should be located near the burners. If you push the button and it doesn't click then it may be defective. You can temporarily (for testing purposes ONLY) jump out the switch. If the unit starts after you jump it out then you know you have a defective device. You should turn off the power to the furnace for at least a minute to reset the unit. Some roll out switches don't have a reset button. If this is the type you have then try jumping it out to test if it's defective.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
     I have already jumped all 5 of those (one at a time) and still the same result. I can get a technician here but they want $200 minimum. It says on the door that they will reset in an hour and that doesnt help. any other ideas. I am a heavy equipment mechanic but this is too small.
Try jumping them out one at a time. You might be over riding a safety trial circuit by jumping them all out at once. The symptoms you describe can indicate a bad limit switch as well. If this doesn't work along with cycling the power off then you will probably have to call in a tech
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Ok I jumped all of them and it worked, so I went back through them one by one and found the one that is tripped. jumped just one and now it is working perfect. already got one ordered.   It was a cold night but thanks to you it is getting warm now. THANKS A MILLION, Chuck
You're welcome and thanks for using Just Answer. One more thing don't let your furnace run unattended with any safety device jumped out.