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Mark Henley
Mark Henley, Journeyman Technician
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Have a GP3RD-036K package ac unit with a H3HK010H-1B Heating

Customer Question

Have a GP3RD-036K package ac unit with a H3HK010H-1B Heating element without circuit breaker. Have a White Rogers 1F86-344 Thermostat 1.5 max. total load. Problem: low voltage shorting out the 3amp fuse. Have the white thermostat wire connected to the W and to the the white wire wire nutted to the red/brown(red to the LV of blower motor, and the Brw to the LV of the heating elements contacts. When calling for heat the 3amp fuse pops. Disconnect the White therm. wire and the blower runs ok, but no power to the heating element either. How do I get the heat to come on? The W/R thermostat shows to connect the W wire to W. Have no problem with the AC. Only with the heat.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: HVAC
Expert:  Mark Henley replied 8 years ago.



Has it ever ran the electric heat ?



Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Hello Mark. Yes it has, the unit is 14mo. old, and the blower motor went out, this Nordyne is confusing. I have another one that is wired to the W and has a 15kw element, and is working ok. I have cross checked the wiring of both and I am at a lost. of why the heating unit doesn't funtion properly. When Nordyne sent the new motor to be replaced. I put in new xfm., capacitor, load relay, contacts and thermocoupling. Have check and recheck wiring but somewhere I'm overlooking something. Let me know what you think. Thanks. Lonnie

Expert:  Mark Henley replied 8 years ago.



I took a look at the wiring diagrams on the 15 and the 10 which are basically the same as far as LV is concerned .


If you have cross checked all the wiring then I have to believe that you have everything connected properly.


In all of the components you replaced you didn't mention the element contactor. I'm wondering if you disconnected the wires going to the coil of that and then put everything else back the way you said , if it would blow the fuse.


if it does then we at least know that it is not a contactor problem, from there it's a matter of wringing out the wires, basically removing devices until you find what is causing the problem.


The xrmr you replaced has the same or higher VA rating as the original one ?

I'm sure it does , just asking to make sure.



Sorry I can't be of more help but this problem is hard to detect if therre isn't any miswiring involved. It's just a matter of tracing down the components and wiring, Go to the biggest components first, the element contactor probably has the highest low voltage load so I would start there.


Thank you,