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I have a new 3/29/08 York Affinity 9.C series furnace. I have

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I have a new 3/29/08 York Affinity 9.C series furnace. I have had a number of adjustments and 2 major failed parts. It seems to be doing a resonable job of consistently heating my 4 level townhome (2800 sq ft). the furnace was vented along the ceiling of an unfinished furnace/storage room to the southwest corner of my townhouse near my front entry sidewalk. Besides the rather loud blowing and whining noice the vent makes outside, it frequently has a rather toxic gas smell. This smell is apparent all along the front of my unit, and the end of my garage and occurs more frequently the colder the weather gets. My neighbors and my friends all feel it is dangerous. I have to hold my breath often when I go out to walk my dog etc. Our public service company says it is just the way the furnace works. I'm at my wits end. Is my problem from the furnace itself or is it more likely an incorrect choice of installation method?
Hi, is this a pvc pipe flue pipe , white pipe
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Yes, Both the intake and output are white PVC and are both vented to the same exterior location.
I would have to say thats not the ideal location for that flue pipe. u can see if it can be moved to a different location, or check with the installation booklet to see if u can extend the outside pipe out of the way . I would also check with the local city codes and see if thats ok were it is
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
The installation was inspected by the county building department. Other locations for the flue would require ripping out dry wall etc and venting to the north however given the amount of toxic discharge that would be unacceptable also. It would hang around my unit and my neighbors. The only other option would be to go up verticallly which would be difficult also. Is the amount of toxic smell normal in these situation for this furnace? I can't find any consumer complaints about these furnaces or this installation method.
when it first starts u will get more of a smell than after it runs but its flue gas so ur going to get some kind of smell.
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