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How do I clean the flame sensor on my boiler Utica Model

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How do I clean the flame sensor on my boiler? Utica Model MGB75HID
Hello and Welcome to JustAnswer HVAC

Just to clarify, why are you cleaning the flame sensor?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
My boiler fires up, and then stops after a few seconds. Then it fires up again, and stays fired up like it's supposed to. Last time this happened a service man cleaned the flame sensor and it worked fine. I would like step by step instructions on how to do this myself, so I can save paying for an expensive service call, again. Thanks!
To clean the sensor, all you need to do is clean the eye off with a rag. At most you might need to have some mild cleaner on the rag.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
The flame sensor on my boiler is not an eye. It is a rod inside the boiler. That is why I need an accurate description of the procedure to remove it for cleaning the soot off.

I apologize.

To clean the rod type, you will need to use steelwool or a greenpad. Do not use sandpaper as this may damage the sensor.

Locate the rod type sensor that will be positioned pointing at the flame burner area. It will either be able to just pull out or it will have a screw. If needed , unscrew the sensor. There is probably a thin film of carbon buildup that you will need to clean off. To do this just rub the sensor with the greenpad or steel wool with just enough pressure to scour the buildup off.


If you need additional help with this, please let me know.

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