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I have a 5yr old OTT Gelding, he was out to pasture earlier

Customer Question

I have a 5yr old OTT Gelding, he was out to pasture earlier today when a new horse (also a 5yr old gelding that Id recently purchased) was turned out into a set of paddocks located near the barn but separate from the larger pasture. Some time during the day, the new horse jumped the 5ft high paddock fencing and ran squarely into the back pasture where my OTT was grazing. A kicking match ensued. Several hours later (at feeding time) the horse escape was noticed, and my OTT was seen lame, walking on only 3 legs. I took the OTT straight to the barn, examined his legs. On the proximal right rear hock there is a 2cm cut about 2.5 inches above the joint. The horse can bear weight on the leg to stand but severely falters when trying to walk. There was no pain on palpation of the leg, the horse allowed me to pick up his foot and bend all the joints to full range, so I washed the wound with saline and iodine, dressed it with sterile gauze and abx ointment and wrapped the leg to keep the wound clean. The horse is now in the barn on stall rest. Looking at the injury and with full range of motion, im hoping for a simple sprain with deep bruising, but this close to a joint has me concerned, this horse has been kicked before (when he raced) but has never gone lame; what else should I be looking for.
Submitted: 11 months ago.
Category: Horse Veterinary
Expert:  JACUSTOMER-2ggpt01r- replied 11 months ago.

Hey there,

Sounds like you've had quite the day. I's sorry to hear that your horse is injured. It sounds like you are doing everything right for him at this point. The only way to know for sure that there isn't a break in the leg would be to have a veterinarian do x-rays of the affected leg. Do you have him started on anything for the pain? I definitely recommend stall rest and monitor daily to make sure he is improving on stall rest.

Dr. C

Customer: replied 11 months ago.
This morning, went out to the barn to feed. OTT was in the back corner of his stall (scratching himself on a post). The stall he's in is 3x the size of a normal stall at the moment (this particular stall has removable partitions if more horses are needed to be kept inside). When I approached, he quickly went from one end of the stall (at the back) to the door at the far opposite end looking eagerly for his morning meal. The hock dressing is clean and no evidence of blood having soaked through. The joint (so far) isnt terribly swollen or warm. He still has a hitch in his step but he is bearing full weight on the affected limb.Im going to keep him in the stall for another 24 hours at least before taking him out to the ring and see how he walks. How long should I leave the dressings on? Or how frequently should I perform a dressing change? If the hock gets warm or swollen Ill absolutely call our local large animal vet for a barn check, but Im trying conservative medicine first.As for pain, I havent given him anything yet.... I only administer pain meds if an animal is tender to the touch (during exam) or crying out.... at no time did this horse cry out or give any indication he was in severe pain. He has let me examine his leg, bend it, palpate it, clean and dress it without (too much) fuss. He's still "on his feed" and hoovering it up just fine.If he were to need pain medication, can you recomend a good OTC variety for this type of injury. Is there any liniment I could also try given the proximity to a joint space.Many Thanks!
Customer: replied 11 months ago.
at evening feeding, checked the hock, its not warm/hot to touch, but the area under the bandage is swollen somewhat. The horse still lets me mash on it/palpate without issue, he lets me pick up hie leg and take the hock through full range of motion without so much as a sound or flinch.... however when observed walking in the stall, he has a limp/still lame (not as bad as yesterday) although... when I approached with his hay and grain.... boy did that horse move like he was running towards a jackpot. So... no food.... he limps and is lame (although not as badly)... if food is involved.... he moves like hes not even hurt..... but .... the hock is swollen however not hot to the touch and dressings are still clean/dry.